(From the Dasavatar attributed to Pir Sadru'd-din; the shorter version)1

(in the Gujrati language).

God has incarnated Himself as the glorious tenth avatar. He manifested Himself in the person of Shah Mowla Murtada Ali

We welcome Thy incarnation for the sake of love for the Truth!

The Lord will ride his horse, bestowing love and benevolence (and scattering devils).

0, Thou, save Thy devotees!

0, Thou, scatter the devils!

0, Thou, punish the demons!

0, Thou, save the jamāts of the believers!

0, Thou, grant what they wish!

0, Thou, fulfill Thy promises!

He will take into his hands the sounding conch (shank) and the disc-like weapon (chaker) .

Blowing the conch and brandishing the chaker , He will pass all over the world.

The whole purpose of the Ten Avatars will thus be completed.

He has given up the necessity of being in the mother's womb. 2

The Lord, the Ruler of Jampudip, will arrive (make his appearance) in Mulastan. 3 He will grant the kingdom to the rakhiser, devotees who will rule over it eternally.

The devotees will take abode in Paradise.

He is the Lord of Pir Sohdev. 4

He is manifested under the name of Naklanki.

0, my Lord, Thou art my God in the Tenth Incarnation, Thou has incarnated as the glorious Tenth Avatar in the person of Naklanki, whose glorious name is Shah Mowla Murtada Ali.

Mowla Murtada Ali is He who is (now) Shri Salam Shah. 5

The name of the mother of Mowla Murtada Ali was Bibi Julika. 6 His father's name is Hashami Abu Talib Wali.

The Guru (of the world) Nabi Muhammad Mustafa, the Apostle of God.

His wife, Shakti, was Fatmat-Zahura (Fatimat az-Zahrā'). 7

He will remain manifested under the name Mowla Murtada Ali for 432,000 years.

God is Glorious, Glorious is the Lord!

The duration of the Kaljug period is 432,000 years.

Atherved is the sacred scripture (for the Kaljug period).

One avatar of God is intended for the Kaljug.

God Himself will slay His adversary, the devil Kalinga.

He has saved twelve crores of the faithful through the leadership of Pir Sadru'd-dīn.

They followed the religion secretly.

They surely deserved their place in Paradise! Greetings to them!

God is glorious, glorious is the Lord!

Pir Sadru'd-dīn says: I have told the story of the Ten Avatars. Whosoever listens to it will be exempted from the wheel of re-birth in this world.

Whosoever listens to the story of the Ten Avatars will attain salvation (moksh) , liberation (mukt) and the dīdār (of the Imam). 8

Whosoever, male or female, listens to this, he will never again be re-born in this world.

Such people will be rewarded as Pehlaj who attained salvation and was granted the everlasting kingdom.

The Lord has granted a kingdom to Dhruv, 9 and he is ruling over it forever.

The Lord will give kingdoms to the devotees and they will rule over them forever.

The devotees will have abode in Paradise.

He is the Lord of Pir Sohdev!

He is known under the name of Naklanki.

O, my Lord, purify the world! Save Thy devotees! Scatter the devils!

Punish the demons! Save the jamāts of the believers! Grant their prayers! Fulfil Thy promises!

Thou art my God in the Tenth Avatar!

Thou hast incarnated Thyself in Naklanki!

Thou hast been known by the name of Mawlā Murtada Ali.

We welcome Thy incarnation out of love for the Truth!

Here ends the story of the Ten Avatars related by Pir Sadru'd-dīn.

I testify that there is no Deity except One God.

I testify that Muhammad is the Apostle of God.

I testify that Amīru'l-mu'minīn Ali is surely Divine.