9. The Gnan "of Deep Meditation"

by Sayyid Fath-' Ali Shâh.
(in Gujrati). 1

1. No one has the knowledge of the Mystery of the Lord of the Time, the Naklanki. Only those can recognize him who are guided by the Guru.

2. Know the true Guru in the person of Muhammad, the Apostle of God. The Almighty, who is immortal and free from (human-like) attributes and properties, is in the person of the (present form) of Ali.

3. The Lord of the Time now resides in the West, disguised as an "Ajami"(Persian). His speech is Persian, in the Seheter-dip. 2

4. He resides in Shahr Babak 3 and his name is Shâh Abû Hasan Ali. He is luminous in appearance.4 .

5. Repeat his name because he is the Divine Light (emanating from) the invisible Almighty ; May he fulfil our wishes of the didar

6. His didar is all-important because the believer who has faith in his Guru can be saved by it from the wheel of re-birth.

7. My Lord is the Lord of the devotees. 0, my Lord Have mercy on us, give salvation to our Jamâts !

8. The Deity manifests itself in the heart of the believer as if appearing from the lotus grown from the navel of god.5 Cautiously pull it out, in such a way that the thread of deep meditation should not be torn.

9. Meditate, keeping an eye on thy pulses of Ingla, Pingla and Sashamna, suppressing all mental wishes. 6

10. After this concentrate your mind on the pulse called Vank, by inhaling and exhaling through the Chanda and Suraj nostrils.

11. If thy meditation is deeply concentrated on it (the deity), it will burst out of the bharamand (brain), and His name will spread all over the body to the last hair growing on it and will never be forgotten again.

12. The humble slave, a Shamsi 7 Sayyid, Fath Ali Shâh, stands praying at Thy feet, 0, my Lord ! Thou, who rainiest gold !