8. A Gnan by Pir Hasan Kabru'd-dn. 1

1. An iron wall appeared on the Gur's way on the seventeenth day of the month Ashad 1452 Samvat (798/1396). 2

2. The Guru , i.e. Pir Sadru'd-dn, prayed for six months and six days, and at last the Imam was propitiated (to remove it).

3. He, the Imam, was in the dress (= person) of Islm Shh who resided in Kehek.3

4. When the Gur i.e. Hasan Kabir ud din d-dn, reached the age of five years and five days, he made preparations for the journey. He made a turban from the fiber of akda , in the month of Magser, 1453 Samvat.

5. He himself prepared it from 500 gaz (yards) of material with glorifications of the Imam written on it. Then he started.

6. In the inscriptions the Guru mentions that he was a slave of the Imam a child and that he prayed to forgive the sins of the Anant.

7. He had no children at the time when he went with his turban to visit the Imam and returned home in a year and five days' time.

8. Pir Sadru'd-dn with twelve crores (120 millions) of followers went into the presence of the Almighty. He halted at the sixth heaven waiting for the souls who were lagging behind.

9. "The souls who remain behind should follow Pir Hasan Kabir ud din." This is why I (i.e. Pir Hasan Ka-biru' ud dn) now pray and practice austerities for the sake of the Anant.

10. Pir Hasan Kabir ud din, of the progeny of Husayn, is appointed as the Guru of the Anant If you fail to recognize him, you will be sent to Hell.

11. (The Imam) Shri Salm Shh arrived in Kehek and stayed there during the month of Ramjan (Ramadn)1452 Samvat.

12. (The Imam) Bhooder Ali (i.e. Ab Dharr Al) is his successor as the Imam.4 His residence (throne) was in the village of Vircha where he stayed.5

p13. Then came Dh'l-Fiqr Al, the Imam, who descended from B Dharr Al, the progeny of Husayn.6

14. He arrived in Vircha on the 22nd day of the month of Falgoon, 1572 (= 922/1516) 7. On that day the Imam arrived and settled there. Nr Shh descended from him. He was enthroned as an Imam. 8

16. The Guru (Hasan Kabir ud din?) says : I related all this about the incarnations (of the Imam) while residing at Unch. It is "Sri Unch", amongst the seven places which bear the same name, to which I here refer.

17. Recognize the Imam of the Time (Imam- waqt) who is an incarnation of Ali, and pay him the tithes. Who ever misses him will never enter Paradise."

18. Pir Hasan Kabir ud din says these words at his own house "You will enter Paradise if you act righteously."