1 - From Nano Das Avatar print. Bombay 1929, pp17 - 20.

2 - This is simply a poetical version of the Coranic principle of God "neither being born, nor giving birth to anyone."

3 - Mulastan is the ancient name of Multan.

4 - It seems that there is no certainty as to the meaning of the name Sohdev which is supposed to be the surname of Pir Sadru'd-din.

5 - This is again Imam Abdu's-Salam Shah of Anjudan, referred to above.

6 - Cf. above p.46

7 - Cf. above p.47

8 - Perhaps in this context the term didar may have the meaning of the Sufic fana fi'l-Haqq?

9 - Cf. above footnote 3 no