1. Bvan Bodh (Preamble).

1. The advice of Sat Gur is true.

2. Listen to it, O, devotees and enjoy it in your minds.

3. When the sun rises go about your worldly affairs, acting honestly.

4. When the sun sets, devote yourselves to the worship of God.

5. Abstain from speaking ill of anyone.

6. Say "he, Zinda" (O, ever-Living!) when stepping into the jamt-khna (prayer-hall).

7. Keep your minds shining as the moon to receive the precepts of Sat Gur.

8. This is the sandhya (evening prayer) of devotees.

9. O, devotees, keep your minds concentrated on prayer.

10. Meeting at the Ghat , assembly, do your best to go through religious ceremonies with care.

11. As soon as you acquire control over your mind, selfishness disappears.

12. Never fall asleep in the prayer hall.

13. Never criticize anyone while in the prayer hall.

14. Never over eat, over filling your stomachs.

15. If your stomachs are too full you will become lazy.

16. You may therefore become sleepy, and for this you will have to repent.

17. Through abstinence and moderation you will become active.

18. If you pray God with your minds awake, you will see that Sat Gur is near you.

19. Be humble and modest both with those who are elder and younger than yourselves.

20. Be tolerant towards the shortcomings you notice in those who are older than yourselves.

21.Treat everyone who is even one day older than yourselves as if he were a year older.

22. Address everyone with sincere respect.

23-24. Even those who are younger than yourselves should be treated with respect as if they were your elder brothers.

25-26. Brother, one who speaks politely is like one whose mouth is filled with glittering diamonds.

27 -28. The mystery of coming into communion with Sat Gur is that the devotees never become disheartened in anything.

29. Never be lazy, permitting yourselves to be somnolent.

30. Avoid telling lies, according to the commandment of the Veds.

31-32. One who hears good and speaks evil will surely get into trouble.

33. Brother, keep yourself away from laziness and anger.

34. Have signs of light on thy face by sipping the ab-i-safa every day.

35. Come from your homes to the praying hall.

36. You will have goodness reflected in your faces for this.

37. Make offerings according to your means.

38. Never argue with the mukhi , i.e. the head of the Jamat.

39. Only those who are absorbed in worldly affairs argue with the mukhi.

40. For this they will become miserable and lose the religious reward.

41. One who misbehaves himself is a sinner.

42. He talks of things about which he knows nothing.

43-44. One who remains in the state of sutak (ceremonial un-cleanliness, without purifying himself) will harm himself and will end miserably.

45. A religious man never quarrels with anyone.

46. Only those who are not strong in religion feel dissatisfied.

47. Concentrate your minds, and keep the Rosary (i.e. So kiriya ) in your hands.

48. Pray to God secretly and silently, with all your soul.

49. Meditate over the commandments of religions scriptures concentrating your minds on these.

50. And ascertain who is your worst enemy.

51-52. The believer who takes a sip of b-i saf (Aniras) will always have good signs reflected on his face and will be relieved of misfortunes by Sat Gur.

53.Those who are (sincerely) devout are in possession of such virtues.

54. O, devotee, now listen to the Hundred Commandments!