The first Jewel: Above all you must love your Lord. You must treasure this precious Jewel with great care.

The second Jewel: You should know the laws of the Guru by heart, and rever the Lord of the Time and the Pir with true faith as is appropriate to them.

The third Jewel: the knowledge of the inner meaning of the religion. This is received by true believers who know their religion, and act according to its rules.

The fourth Jewel: is the knowledge of how to be modest tolerant, merciful, and of tenderness toward, and recognition of the Lord of the Time and the Pir, with a pure and true heart.

The fifth Jewel: to serve the Guru , or the stranger (guest) who comes to your door. Blessings are due to him who serves both well.

The sixth Jewel : to serve one's father and mother affectionately and lovingly. Keep (this precious Jewel in thy heart.

The seventh Jewel: not to turn away any stranger who comes to thy door in need. 0, believer, do not let him go away without his need being satisfied.

The eighth Jewel: to go to the rescue of anyone in distress and calamity, as soon as you hear the call helping him with food or water, or whatever he needs. In reward for this you will surely enter Paradise.

The ninth Jewel: to act honestly, and have pure and strong faith in God and Muhammad. By doing so you will receive true happiness.

The tenth Jewel : never to neglect any of the observances of the three fixed times of the day. Prayers are like tithes ordered by the Lord.

The eleventh Jewel: always to wish that desires should be fulfilled by God; always to speak circumspectly; always pray to the Lord to grant truthfulness; never to annoy anyone by words. Note that the ties of this world are as entangling as a pit in Hell. Ask the Lord of the Time to grant your good wishes.

The twelfth Jewel : the true believer will never annoy a child who is a smile of the Divinity; he should not be angry with any kind of ants, or water insects, or any aquatic animals or quadrupeds. He should live as a dead man. He should have as much love for God as a butterfly for the burning candle.

The thirteenth Jewel: to sacrifice one's life in the path of righteousness and truth. By this you will attain salvation as did king Harishchandra, his queen Tara Rani-Lochni, and his son Rohidas, who sold themselves (into slavery) for the sake of the truth.

The fourteenth Jewel: to donate everything for the sake of God, spontaneously, and with good will. This will bring much reward in future life. The donor will enjoy the fruit of it for ever.

These fourteen jewels were publicly recited by Pir Shams.