1. By Pir Shams 1

in Kachchhi Dialect

1. If you make your hearts follow the precepts of your Pir , you will be rewarded. (Refrain) ; Listen to me, my brothers! Listen to me, my friends !

2. Listen with all the sincerity of your hearts to these, listen with all the faith of your true hearts ! (Refrain). Strive to enter into communion with him, the Pir , as does the Anad bird. 2 (Refrain).

3. Do this in accordance with the commandments of religion ! (Refrain). Behave as did Vimras, 0, mumins brothers, behave as Vimras ! (Refrain).

4. For the sake of the salvation of his soul (Refrain) he himself cut off his own head! (Refrain).

5. You should remove doubts from your mind! (Refrain). Then will you enter Paradise! (Refrain).

6. This body belongs to others! (Refrain).You are a guest of it for only two days. (Refrain).

7. Proceed along the path, one behind the other (Refrain) as a string of camels, each tied by the halter to the one in front. (Refrain).

8. Step on, one after the other, (Refrain), 0, mumins ! Proceed along your path, led by yourGuru! (Refrain).

9. Listen to these words, 0, my brothers, listen! (Refrain). This gnan of appeal is recited by Pir Shams. (Refrain).