Garbi No. 9.

1. "As the wasp, misled and erring in judgment,

2. 0, my soul, why hast thou committed such a mistake.

3. has burnt its body in a fire.

4. so anyone will lose everything who commits an error.

5. Many have got safely across the ocean of their lives.

6. In what way will you get through ?

7. There will be no rafts, no ships for you there,

8. you will receive no weight to balance these.

9. You must build up a bridge to Truth.

10. Only religion will help you to get safely across the ocean of your lives.

11. The Guru will accompany you as a guide,

12. and in this way you will safely cross the ocean of your lives.

13. Those who were light got safely over it.

14. Those who had loads over their heads were drowned.

15. There may be no shops, no merchants,

16. no trades, no traders.

17. There may be no sisters or brothers,

8. there may be no father, no mother,

19. you will have to be alone.

20. Then have some righteousness with you."

21. Pir Shams advises this:

22. Let charity and good deeds be with you !