Garbi No. 10.

1. PÓr Shams has shown the Right Path while singing these "Garbis."

2. Those who recognize the Lord of the Time acquire immortality.

3. The Guru has guided every one to the Right Path, instructing him.

4. He explained the inner meaning of the Veds and ancient sacred books.

5. Dancing and singing around the garbi, he revealed the mysteries of the Coran.

6. Playing as a real actor, he recited the precious words.

7. He first described the four Kalaps 19 and the creation of the Universe.

8. He then explained the actions of Brahama at the time, and the creation of the four Yugs.20

9. All was created from the Light of Vishnu through his yawn.

10. Numberless creations, something like eight crores of them, came into existence through the cause of the Universe (Brahm).

11. He created the Illusion (Maya) of the four Yugs, by whom all the creations became bewitched.

12. She, Maya, committed the first fraud, and pursued Rukhi.21

13. Those negligent have lost their path, being bewitched by her in Kali-yug.

14. After that in the age of the first Kalap the people of Jaksh were created.22

15. The Lord of that age Himself gave them a religion and His commandments.

16. The Guru Shams surely was present at that time in the form of Brahm.

17. He performed the ceremony of Paval 23 the drinking of the sacred water, purifying the devotees by it.

18. "You also faithfully drink Paval now," says Pir Shams.