Garbi No. 8.

1. Utter the jap , the Name of God, day and night, visit the prayer hall.

2. Those who meditate over the Deity are as if immersed in nectar.

3. Meditation over the Deity may be so deep that it cannot be interrupted.

4. When, deep in meditation, one feels as if music is playing, he will always feel that "I" and' "He" are one and the same.

5. When the Deity fills one, how can he be bad?

6. When his meditation becomes much concentrated, he becomes filled with Divine Light.

7. This cannot be achieved by the ignorant who merely read the sacred scriptures ( Puran ) without understanding the true meaning of their contents.

8. 0, those inquisitive ! Try this, if you can, but be careful about your minds !

9. (If you attain this), you will conquer the whole of the Universe, because His Light shines everywhere.

l0. Realize that this would be cheap, even if you lose your heads in acquiring Divinity.

11. You will receive such reward if you acted righteously in your former existences.

12. If you are brave men, you must fight ahead, never turning back even though threatened with mortal danger.

13. Love your Guru with your whole heart!

14. Your immortal field will bring you then the harvest that you will be glad to reap.

15. 0, believers ! Pick up these diamonds of advice, why should you walk to and fro idly !

16. If you concentrate on devotion, you will be rewarded.

17. 0, brother, do not secretly steal by not paying the tithes.

18. Use books, and acquire clear knowledge of the world.

19. 0, believers, you will attain salvation if you remain active and with your minds awake.

20. Ponder carefully over the commandments given by the Guru . Why roam about, straying from the right Path ?

21. Those who acted in accordance with the precepts of the Guru , have acquired immortality.

22. Believe in me sincerely," so says Pir Shams.