Garbi No. 7.

1. Dance day and night, and then blissfully reign in Paradise.

2. May God seal your hearts with vigilance for ever !

3. You should reap the Good Harvest in this world, living happily.

4.Your faces will shine in Paradise where you will abide eternally.

5. Follow the Scriptures and hold firm the gnans of the Guru in your hearts.

6. Hold the goad of thy reason in thy hand, and do not turn back, even if risking thy head.

7. When thou art trained how to sacrifice thy head, thou wilt not fear the sword.

8. Why are you again and again returning to this world in the wheel of re-birth ?

9. 0, beautiful princes, why are you tied to this world ?

10. The reading of Holy Scriptures17 without the knowledge of the Lord is just as futile as trying to raise a crop without seeds.

11. This only produces fire and embers and bunches of poisonous grass.

12. The people who do not follow a spiritual guide are swindlers and impostors. Why should you keep their company ?

13. The Scriptures (Puran) and Veds are the seat ( thanak ) of the Guru, do not neglect them.

14. My Lord is coming to Jampudip18 because it is virgin soil (never ploughed before).

15. How often do you stray from the right Path, separating yourselves from the caravan that is marching to the Goal!

16. Those who remain behind are plundered by brigands. They waste their time in worldly preoccupations.

17. Always guard the precepts of the Guru in your hearts The right Path is as narrow as the edge of a sword.

18. Meditate over the commandments of the Guru , again and again, with full faith and devotion.

19. Listen to these words of Pir Shams, and sincerely believe in them !