Garbi No. 6.

1. Nectar light is showered ! Contemplate the beauty of the nature!

2. Have two pairs, four, strong oxen, and firmly hold their reins in thy hand.16

3. When the field bas been ploughed, leave the rest in the hands of the Guru . Take then a rosary into thy hand!

4. Plough the field of religious duties, sow the seeds of worship !

5. Remove the hindrance of sin and keep thy mind awake.

6. Cut up the root of a sinful act by purifying thy mind.

7. Always weed out the useless grass, and fence the field with the sorrow of separation (from God).

8. If the tiger of Truth guards thy crops, how can birds damage it ?

9. Keep company with righteousness and love, be devout to God.

11. Always remaining righteous, thou wilt reap the harvest.

12. Make thy vigilance as a barn-yard, filling it from one end to the other.

13. Thou shouldst thrash it with the oxen of righteousness, and store the ever-lasting wealth.

14. Load the cart with the precepts given by the Guru, and preserve these in the granary of thy heart.

15. Do not commit theft by cutting down what should be paid in tithes.

16. Playing this game day and night; thou wilt reign as a lord in bliss.

17. Thou wilt reap a Good Harvest if thou worshipest God lovingly.

18. With these words Pir Shams appeals to people to live with each other in sincere friendship.