Garbi No. 5.

1. "You will be filled with Divine Light if you drink the Divine nectar day and night.

2. Your sins and retribution for these will disappear, your minds will be purified.

3. Listen to this promise, listen to it, and believe in it !

4. Otherwise you will be separated from the righteous, if you do not act in this way.

5. Those who turn a deaf ear to these precepts are misled.

6. Why should you lose this life of a human being? You will never regain it.

7. You should act according to religious rules, seeing that the unbelievers have lost the Right Path.

8. If you act righteously, you will enter Paradise.

9. Know the right Path of the Truth! The unbelievers have been driven away from it.

10. Those who have acquired reliable knowledge of its real meaning have been rewarded.

11. Listen to these admonitions which, are like precious rubies.

12. Proceed along the Path with all caution, do not stray from it now and again.

13. "Dance" in the company of the righteous, keeping your minds pure and clean.

14. Give up fraud and mischief, this will bring you good fruits.

15. You must certainly behave righteously, with your hearts full of love and affection.

16. Join the Truth in a right way, put your faith in a right religion.

17. Worship sincerely the True Guiding Light manifested in the person of Shh Qsim Shh 15 the Lord of the Time.

18. This as been recited by Pr Shams, and if you act accordingly, you will harvest good fruits!