Garbi No. 4.

1. Guru -ji came and every night entertained them (the Hindus) with his songs of the Knowledge ( gnan )

2. But the ignorant people could not follow him and his words fell upon deaf ears.

3. Guru -ji then addressed them, speaking benevolently : "Listen to me, friends!

4. Why do you attend all these silly performances? Do you not understand that all this is futile?

5. In your worship you must invoke the name of Naklanki, the Lord of the Time ! 13

6. He who fixed the skies, arsha (i.e. arsh ), the kurash ( kursÓ, throne of God), and created everything.

7.Verily, He created the sun and the moon, the wind and water.

8. You will be purified if you act righteously.

9. You know nothing about the Right Path, your hearts are filled with falsehood.

10. Better keep away from falsehood and fraud.

11. You must act in accordance with the precepts of the religion of Guru Brahamaji.

12. His name is the Light of Muhammad, the last of the Apostles of God.

13. You should always invoke his name, you must believe in Mawl‚ Murtad‚ Ali.

14. His name, as the Imam at present hajar joma i.e. hadir jama is Sh‚h Niz‚ri.14

15. The Imams are from His Light ( Anwar ) that will remain eternally in this world.

16. Listen to me! This is the True Knowledge, and you should devote yourselves to it.

17. You will attain your goal by doing this, and will enter Paradise.

18. With these words Pir Shams admonished the people to be accurate in paying the tithes.