Garbi No. 3

1. The Guru came the next night, and took part in their dances.

2. He uttered sweet words in a nectar-like language.

3. "0, my friends " said he, "Listen to me ! Act wisely !

4. Take my word that all these figures (idols) are merely deception.

5. Carefully ponder over this, and you will see that these are merely stones.

6. You must with sincere faith devote yourselves to God the Creator (Sirjanhar).

7. To Him who created the four kinds of beings, giving them life.

8. To Him who manifested Himself through all ages, fulfilling the hopes of His devotees.

9. He saved the great devotee Rukha Mugat,6 absolving him from his religions vows.

10. He upheld the honour of Gotem 7 by reviving his wife.

11. He gave a strong kingdom to Dhruva 8 who attained great glory.

12. He saved Prehalad,9 the prince, by bursting a pillar, and manifesting Himself from it.

13. He then killed Haranakans, tearing him with His claws.10

14. He saved king Harishchand by stretching out a helping hand to him. 11

15. He was surely present in the age of Duvaperyug and saved Pandavas. 12

16. He will save the twelve crores of the righteous and faithful.

17. Then He will save innumerable believers at the end of Kaljug.

18. With these words Pir Shams invited the people to follow the right Path.