Garbi No. 2.

1. "We are joyful today, serving Sat Gur ! 4

2. Do not commit a mistake, 0, you ignorant people, understand the real wisdom!

3. These temples and idols are a thing of the past. Why do you want to remain in the wheel of re-births ?

4. Serve the Sat Gur , him who possesses the Divine Light (Anwr).

5. You will be rewarded if you pay the tithes always accurately.

6. True ascetics, living according to the rules of Sat Panth, will reign .5

7. Nothing can be achieved by dancing, even if you dance day and night.

8. These idols of stone are scarecrows, they will never utter a word.

9. Why are you so foolish ? Cannot you realize that these idols are manufactured by man?

10. Is there any deity in this garbi ? Is the goddess Bhavani present there?

11. Divinity is in the person of Brahama, all your gods live there.

12. These figures (idols) which you from your childhood regard as gods, are not the Deity.

13. You will earn good fruits for your faith if you believe in Ali, the Manifestation of the True Deity.

14. Then only will all your sins be forgiven, and you will be blessed !"

15. The crowd did not follow the Sat Gur , though he so clearly announced to them these truths.

16. They listened to what he said, and replied :

17. "Come here also the next night, and let us again dance together".

18. Pir Shams recited this, urging the people to take heed of his words.