Garbi No. 1.

1. 0, believers, know that Pir Shams is the Guru from the beginning (of time) who manifested himself in many ages.

2. Once he arrived, in his wandering, in the village of Anal-vad where many Hindus resided.

3. There were many Hindu temples and shrines, chiefly dedicated to the goddess Mata Bhavani.1

4. When the Pir arrived, the Hindus were celebrating the days of Norta 2, dancing in a ring and singing songs in praise of the goddess.

5. It was the night of the first of Aso Shud, and all were busy with dancing and singing the first garbi 3 in praise of Mata Bhavani.

6. There were thirty-six learned men who recited the religious tradition (concerning the festival), and, surely, 500 actors enacted the events in theatrical performances.

7. Guru-ji went there, and began to listen silently to all that they were reciting.

8. In the wild dance and loud singing they displayed great adoration for their idols.

9. At last Pir Shams, becoming angry, himself went into the ring and began to dance.

10. Guru-ji began to sing the songs of Knowledge ( Gnan ), and the Hindus were astonished to hear these.