Garbi No. 27.

1. The Guru himself has performed the ceremony of Pval , the sacred nectar-like water.

2-3. The Pir with great benevolence, gathered all of them, and purified them by converting them to the Sat Panth and giving them a sip of the sacred water.

4. Shh Kasam (Qsim) Shh, the Lord of the Time, himself arrived there, and gave the faithful his ddar .

5. The whole city was overwhelmed with joy, all went reciting the gnans.

6. A mukh was nominated as the head of the community of the believers (ghat) , and collected donations.

7. All devotees were purified by paying the tithes.

8. The Guru with great benevolence gathered all within the Anant .

9-10. The wishes of all the inhabitants of the city were fulfilled, and they will for ever reign in Paradise.

11. Those who deliberately err will never reach their Goal.

12. Such people have strayed from the road to salvation, they will be wandering from door to door in vain.

13-14. Those foolish people who, having accepted the religion of the Sat Panth, do not follow its laws, will receive a heavy load of sins on their heads, and will go to Hell.

15. You will be saved if you act as prescribed by the religion.

16. You will be in Paradise if you act righteously.

17-18. This garbi song is recited by Pir Shams, the Guru . He wishes that the sins of the devotees may be forgiven, and that they may have the ddr.