Garbi No. 28.

1. This is the last of the garbi songs, the advices of Pir Shams .

2. Those who listen to them, concentrating their minds on them, will receive a reward equal to that for a thousand meritorious acts.

3. The male or female who recites these songs will pass safely through worldly existence.

4. Those who recite the garbis, with the laws of Sat Panth, will have their sins forgiven.

5. You, males and females, must listen to the story of the Pir's miracles !

6. If you recite the garbis , you will go to Paradise.

7. All your sins committed during preceding existences, in all the preceding yugs, will be forgiven if you recite the garbis and follow the laws of the religion.

8. Seventy-one ancestors of those who listen to the recitation of garbis will be saved.

9. The devout followers will be regarded as the slaves das of Ali.

10. The slaves of Ali who recite these garbis will abide in Paradise.

11. Those who recite them on the Thawar (Friday) 50 night will attain immortality.

12. The true and pure faith in these garbis will be treated as a meritorious act.

13. Pir Shams says : "you must be steady in your hearts."

14. Pir Shams came to fulfill his promises. You see how he gave them knowledge.

15. It is not the fault of Pir Shams if those who at first understand this, afterwards lose their senses.

16-17. Pir Shams says: "The Pir explained this to all men and women who sincerely wanted to follow the precepts of Sat Panth, so attaining salvation".

18. Here end the garbi songs, the true word of the Guru-ji