Garbi No. 26.

1. The Guru has shown the right Path to those who were misled before.

2. He converted all the Brahmans to the True Religion. 49

3-4. After that the king and the queen, with all the population of the city were also converted by him.

5. The Jatis (Jain ascetics) and Jogis (Yogis) left their Jog (Yoga)

6. and sincerely adopted the True Religion.

7-8. The Sanyasis came out of their seclusion, abandoned their sanyas (self-mortifications), and set foot on the Path of the True Religion.

9. Veragis (Bhairagis, another variety of ascetics) similarly gave up their verag. (ascetic practices)

10. and concentrated their minds on meditation over the True Religion.

11.All (Hindu) worshippers abandoned their worship

12. and began to rejoice, walking along the Path of the True Religion.

13. Sacred strings weighing one and a quarter of a bhar were broken.

14. Their hearts became enlightened with the Divine Light.

15. All the garbis (wooden stands for ritual lights) were thrown into the sea.

16. And they began to follow the laws of the True Religion.

17. Pir Shams ,with much benevolence says:

18. "He unlocked the hearts of the worshippers of false hood and idols."