Garbi No. 24. 1. There is music, the music of Supreme Knowledge (gnan) . Such a music was that of Guru Shams.

2. All great ascetics came to listen to it. Such, etc.

3. It was the harmony of the true religion. Such, etc.

4. The false glory of the sinful deeds of the past was nothing. Such, etc.

5. Great kings came to dance to its tunes. Such, etc.

6. They left the lower earths to witness his dance. Such, etc.

7. All of them experienced bliss (at seeing this). Such, etc.

8-9. The king who ruled the city heard about what had happened at the garbi dances. Such, etc.

10. He was informed that the Lord Himself, witnessed these. Such, etc.

11-12. The king went there, accompanied by all his wazirs. Such, etc.

13. They saw there the Guru-ji , the Divine Light, dancing. Such, etc.

14. They saw that the whole population of the city came there. Such, etc.

15. All were greatly animated. Such, etc.

16. They stepped before the Pir , and prostrated themselves before him. Such, .etc.

17-18. "0, my brothers Follow the precepts of the Sat Panth !" These are the words of Pir Shams.