Garbi No. 23.

1. The Guru -ji says sweet words, delivering a speech, and appeals to all to listen to it.

2. "You must pray God the Almighty, may none of you make a mistake concerning this.

3. Listen to me all of you, both males and females!

4. Behave in accordance with the laws of the Sat Panth while pursuing your worldly preoccupations.

5. You will succeed in your business if you conduct it honestly.

6. Act in accordance with the rules of the good religion of the Sat Panth, and know yourselves.

7. Strive to know better the inner meaning of the laws, take a drink of the PÔval (Divine) water.

8. Sins and crimes of your former existences will be forgiven if you pay the prescribed tithes.

9. 0, those who believe in the Sat Panth! All of you must pay the tithes on all that you earn by physical labour.

10. If you act as prescribed by the religion, you will be made gods.

l1. You must not be habitually negligent, find out the right path.

12. When we come near your doors, you must recognize us.

13. We have already fulfilled our covenant, what will you say now?

14. Do you wish to join the caravan of the Anant (limitless masses), formed by crores of saved souls?

15. I call you to join it, acting in accord with this religion.

16.You will be rewarded with the abode of Paradise if you practice righteousness.

17 Pir Shams warns you and asks you to behave wisely.

18. He also asks you to be steady in heart, and pay the tithes.