Garbi No. 22.

1. On the tenth night the Guru came near the garbi , and recited his hymns.

2. He danced much, and everyone was overwhelmed with happiness

3. except for a Brahman, Shanker by name, who left the garbi , and walked away.

4. He could not rightly understand the Guru-ji , and could not realize that it was a miracle.

5. He was weak in the deeds of his former existence, and refused to understand the mysterious cause of the Universe.

6. How could he know the Lord who was not sufficiently righteous man from the beginning ?

7. All the town people came around and listened to Guru .

8. All of them thought that he, Guru-ji , might have been one of their gods.

9. All the other 35 learned men, who recited the Scriptures, knew him well.

10. They all stopped their recitation, and intently listened to him.

11. They heard the words of the Truth, and understood their sense by their hearts.

12. The hearts of all the learned men were softened, and they felt happy.

13. They properly understood the sense of what the Guru said.

14. They played seven kinds of drums and musical instruments, singing the hymns recited by the Guru-ji .

15. They played the drums again and again, in the enthusiasm of their love for the Guru-ji .

16. The crowd cheered very loudly, and many people witnessed all this.

17. All the people present became over awed, carefully listening to what was said.

18. Pir Shams, the Guru-ji, says that you should listen all this with great attention.