Garbi No. 21.

1. "0, you, righteous people ! All of you listen to me ! Where is the right Path? Shams, the Guru , asks this !

2. Find out the inner meaning of the scriptures, then you will understand clearly. Shams, the Guru, says this.

3. You are enjoying your dancing in the garbi today, but you are under a delusion, 0, negligent people! Shams, etc.

4. 0, those skilled in tracing! Find out whether gods or goddesses are always present on the right path? Shams, etc.

5. There are Jaksh, Meghs, Kinners, and 33 crores of gods who have reached their Goal. Shams, etc.

6. Those who have clear vision of mind, and whose sins have been forgiven, can see them. Shams, etc.

7. Pelaj 46, Harishchandra and Pandav brothers, all remain together faithful to the true religion. Shams, etc.

8. Those whose minds are pure, and hearts are patient can see them. Shams, etc.

9. Those devotees who had perfect faith and righteousness , have reached their Goal. Shams, etc.

10. They are all spiritually present at the ghat , which is the symbol of the Ganges. Shams, etc.

11. Remember that Pir Sadru'd-dn with twelve crores of followers is present in the period of the fourth yug Shams, etc.

12. Those who follow us will see them. Shams, etc.

13. The name of the head of the limitless masses (anant) at the end of the Kali-jug is Pir Hasan Shh. Shams. etc.

14. He shines in the ghat-Ganga , luminously guiding by his light, day and night. Shams, etc.

15. Whoever is converted to this religion of Sat Panth, he will attain salvation, freedom and the ddr. Shams. etc.

16. Whoever, male or female, has done good and acted righteously in his former existences will be saved. Shams, etc.

17. The Guru -ji recited such garbi songs, preaching to all. Shams. etc.

18. Those who are converted to the religion of the Sat Panth, will be considered the slaves of God (hari na das). Shams, the Guru, says this.