Garbi No. 20.

1. The Pir recites the gnans while dancing, Guru-ji preaches this :

2. "Understand the signs of the Truth! Gur-ji preaches this.

3. Why have you introduced these erroneous practices? Gur-ji , etc.

4. The Guru again and again repeats this. Gur-ji , etc.

5. Why are you walking along the wrong way? Gur-ji etc.

6 The Pir has come here to give you his helping hand. Gur-ji , etc.

7. Find the inner meaning of the Ved. Gur-ji , etc.

8. Why do you neglect doing this, you, careless people? Gur-ji , etc.

9. The Pir is dancing with you to-day. Gur-ji, , etc.

10. Tell me, what has made you so careless? Gur-ji , etc.

11. Good men, you should serve the cause of the Sat Panth! Gur-ji , etc.

12. Concentrating your thoughts, Gur-ji, etc.

13. you should give up idolatry. Gur-ji, etc.

14. Make haste to understand this! Gur-ji, etc.

15. You will be purified by partaking of the Paval deity (sacred water). Gur-ji , etc.

16. Then you will find yourselves in Paradise. Gur-ji , etc.

17. These are the words of Pir Shams. Gur-ji , etc.

18. Steady your hearts. Gur-ji, etc.