Garbi No. 19.

1. The Guru-ji came, and danced with his companions on the ninth day of the month.

2. The wise man such as the Guru himself took part in the dance and preached many good advices!

3. He glorified the Panj Tan-i Pāk who were created from the Divine Light in the following manner:

4. "The star of Kutab (Qutb) was first created. It consisted of that Light of the Panj Tan-i Pāk.

5. It continued to rise for seventy thousand years, and was setting as long as that.

6. Nabi Mohomed (Muhammad the Prophet) was himself a star, and the crown on his head was Ali. 43.

7. His necklace was the light of Fatima, glittering as a flash of lighting

8. Two pearls: were set into its (the star's ?) ears, Hasan and Husayn, spreading light.44

9. The seven earths were created from its light.

10. God created the Arash ('Arsh) and Kurash (Kursī) and Lohi Kalam (Lawh wa Qa'lam) from its light.

11. The names of the ascetics, gods, and those men who were destined to follow the religion of the Sat Panth were inscribed on the Loha-Kalam to be preserved.

12.It was at that time laid down that the payment of the tithes was to be the means of salvation.

13. Tithes should be paid from the profits, honestly calculated, on the (income earned by) physical (personal) labour.

14. The tithes paid from income, earned by physical exertions, are dear to the Lord of the Time.45

15. 0, devotees, you must make your body work as directed by the Guru and the Lord of the Time Nar-ji.

16. By doing so you will reach the Goal, and have the kingdom of eternity.

17. Pir Shams says that all your wishes will be granted if you act in accordance with these rules.