Garbi No. 18.

1. "0, Hindus, you have lost the path, do not roam in the wilderness where you cannot find the answer to your quest !

2. 0, Hindus, what will you earn by worshipping the idols ? You will only increase your sins by this.

3. 0, Hindus, you adorn them with flowers. O, you, senseless people, do not forget!

4. 0, my Hindu friends whoever spoils his chance by committing such a mistake, will never reach the Goal.

5. 0, Hindus, the periods of the Veds in which the people believed, have passed.

6. The periods of the Nine incarnations of the Deity have also passed, 0, Hindus! Whom do you worship now?

7. 0, Hindus, Brahmins, Brahma has also passed away, and now the Husayni Imam has succeeded him.

8. 0, Hindus, the worship of the cow is now futile. Now you must worship in the name of Ali.

9. The glory of the 68 places of pilgrimage has passed. The Present Brahma is the Lord of glory.

10. Why wander, 0, Hindus, come and take a drink of pure Divine Light.

11. 0, Hindus, why do you throw yourselves down (prostrate) before the idols? You should recognize as the incarnation of the Deity Shh Kasam (Qsim) Shah, the Lord of the Time.

12. He resides in the town of Kehek (Kahak), 42 0, Hindus ! He is the Lord of the Age who has the power to reward the pious.

13. 0, Hindus, I now tell you the truth that if you worship Him, you will be released from the wheel of re-birth.

14. 0, Hindus, you will take abode in Paradise, and will for ever reign there as kings.

15. 0, Hindus, you will receive fifty Huran (hurries) each if you follow the religion of the Sat Panth.

16. 0, Hindus, if you do good once for the sake of religion in the assembly (ghat) of the faithful, it will expiate all your sins which will be forgiven."

17 -18. O Hindus ! Pir Shams says : "I tell you finally and you should not err or be deceived. You must worship only the Almighty God (Sarengpran)."