Garbi No. 17.

1. Ma ! 36 Pir Shams himself steps into the dance ! By the order of Kasam (Qsim) Shh, the Lord of the Time!

2. Wandering through twenty four countries, He, the great Pir , as a bridegroom himself enters the dance, Ma !.37 (Refrain)

3. He first went to the city of Chinb 38 where he preached to the Queen Surja-De. (Refrain).

4. Then he want to the Mount Meru 39 where he saw many wonders that had no end. (Refrain).

5. Then he came to the city of Unch.40 He, the progeny of the Apostle of God, himself steps into the dance ! (Refrain)

6. He made horns grow on the head of Bavdin (Bah,'u'd-dn) in punishment for his wrongful action against him. (Refrain) 41

7. Many miracles were shown by the Guru-ji , he even returned a dead man to life. (Refrain)

8. He, Sat Gur Shams made the sun descend from the skies, this was witnessed by all the people.(Refrain)

9. He, the Guru performed these miracles by his own authority, because the Lord Himself was incarnated in his person. (Refrain)

10. Thence he came to the village of Analvad, and there danced in the garbi. (Refrain)

11. The ignorant mob, those who do not perceive the Mystery, roam about foolishly missing the Right Path. (Refrain)

12. He recited these verses, revealing in them much of the True Knowledge. Ma ! Pir Shams himself steps into the dance!

13. He showed the mysteries of the four Veds and four kitbs in reciting his verses(Refrain)

14. He manifested the Sat Panth, the true religion, by citing all (necessary) proofs. (Refrain).

15. He proved that the Coran is the last Ved, reciting many verses. (Refrain).

16. Only those who acted righteously in their former lives can follow his precepts. (Refrain).

17. The Guru said : "and such people have attained immortality. This Kali-yug is the last opportunity to do this."

18. Guru Shams said so, and this is true Knowledge. (Refrain)