Garbi No. 16.

1. On the eighth night of the month the inhabitants of the town came out, and saw all their friends dancing.

2. The Guru-ji recited sweet words, and the whole gathering listened.

3. The Guru recited words sweet as nectar (amrat) , narrating the story of the beginning of the Universe and of the early ages.

4. He told of the creation of the world, of the sky, winds and water.

5. After this the four kinds of born creatures and eighteen kinds of plants were created.

6. Then Adam, the great-grandfather of humanity, the incarnation of Ishawar, was created from the Light of the Deity. 34

7. First of all He created the Panj Tan-i Pk from His Light. 35

8. The religion of the Sat Panth was founded from that day for those who know the mystery.

9. Those who obey the orders of the Mukhi and of the assembly of the faithful earn forgiveness for their sins.

10. The assembly (ghat) of the faithful possesses unlimited power (to remit sins). It is a ray from the Divine Light.

11. There are present in it the : Jaksh, Meghas, Kinners, and 33 crores of gods, spiritually.

12. The saints (oliya, i.e. awliy) spread their spiritual light in the assembly of the faithful.

13. The Guru and the Lord of the Time are also present spiritually(invisibly), spreading their Light in the assembly of the faithful

14. The Creator Himself is (invisibly) present in the ghat, filling it with His Light.

15. Such is the Path of Salvation in the ghat . Only those who know it can attain it.

16. None of those who are pre-occupied with matters of this world can know it. They abide in ignorance.

17. 0, those who want to know ! Come forth, and understand what the Guru says.

18. 0, you, foolish people ! Do not miss an opportunity to understand it when the Guru himself discloses the mystery.

19. Pir Shams himself recites these words of knowledge, dispelling darkness from people's minds.