Garbi No. 15.

1- 2. "O, you, negligent people! Listen to me : why do you want only to fall the victim of the wheel of re-birth?

3- 4. Now there will be neither an Eleventh Manifestation of the Deity, nor the fifth yug after Kali-yug.

5. The Guru and the Lord of the Time (Nar) are present now in this world.

6. He directed the people to the manifestation of the Deity in man.

7. O, my companions, recognize the Lord of the Time!

8. If you fail in this, you will fail to recognize the Creator,

9- 10. and you will repent for your foolishness when all will be tried.

11-12. The Guru warns the dancers : "do not move in your dance senselessly."

13-14. You will attain happiness when you recognize the Guru, then you will enter Paradise.

15-16. We have fulfilled our promises by having conveyed to you this message."

17 -18. Pir Shams bas fulfilled his promise by manifesting (parvariya) himself here in the ages of Kali.