Garbi No. 14.

1. Pir Shams says : "O, you, careless people! How will you get through the world in safety?

2. You will attain communion with the Deity (Sirjanhar) only when you suppress your love for idols.

3.O, You, careless people, do not needlessly suffer in the wheel of re-birth! Follow the beliefs of the Sat Panth.

4. O, You, careless people, expiate your former sins by abandoning idols.

5. O, you, careless people, give up worshipping the goddess Bhavani, and worship, Ali the incarnation of God!

6. O , you, careless people, drink of the pure sacred water, and behave according to the commandments of the religion.

7. O, you, negligent people, believe in the Light of Kasam (Qsim) Shh, who is the al-i-Imam 33 lord of the ages of Kali-jug.

8. O you, careless people, open your locked hearts, and see the centre through which you will attain salvation.

9. O , you, careless people, Salm Shh is He who possesses the Divine Light ( anwr ), you must recognize him as the Imam (Nar).

10. O , you, careless people, I myself, Pir Shams, have come here, as a ray from his light.

11. I have came to fulfill the promises given to you, and you must also keep your word.

12. O , you, careless people! whoever listens to our words and follows our commandments, he will reign in Paradise.

13. O, you, careless people, these ages of Kali-jug are the wrestling place for the last contest, beware !

14. O, you, careless people, persevere in believing in the religion of Sat Panth!

15. O , you, careless people, you will never attain salvation by worshipping that is untrue. I am telling you the truth.

16. O , you, careless people, be careful, this is the end of the period of Kali-jug, worship God, the Almighty (Sarengpran).

17. O , you, careless people, be careful ! If you are really circumspect, then take a drink of the Pure Water (nirmal nir, knowledge).

18. O , you, careless people! These verses are composed and recited by Pir Shams.