Garbi No. 13

1. The Gur-ji came to the seventh night's dance, and danced with great pleasure.

2. All the residents of the city came together, and danced with the Guru

3. Pir Shams gladly recited the principles of the true knowledge to them.

4. Asking every one to listen, he recited to them the story of Raten yug. 2

5. "At the time of the Raten yug there will came together 99 crores of the Jaksh, and also the people of Megh.

6. There will come together, with great joy, the 32 crores of Kinners.

7. Thirty three crores of the Divine ascetics will welcome the Lord and the Gur

8. King Prehelad with five crores of immortal ascetics will also come.

9. King Harishchandra with his jamats will be seen craving for the mercy of the Lord.

10. There will be princes Pandava with 9 crores, enjoying great happiness.

11. Pir Sadru'd-dÓn with twelve crores of his followers will also be there.

12. Hasan Kabiru'd-din, with an anant (endless) number of crores, who lived in accordance with the Veda will be also seen there. 31

13. There will also come all the 125,000 of the Apostles of God. 32

14. All the Husaynites, shining with Divine Light, will be present.

15. All present were struck with wonder when listening to the description of the Raten yug.

16. None of them could follow the hidden meaning of the Guru's action, all stood dumbfounded in confusion.

17. Then all present at the garbi greeted him loudly and began to rejoice in their festivities.

18. The whole night passed in uproarious rejoicing, and the people only dispersed when day had dawned.

19. The news spread all over the city, was vividly discussed, and all the people anxiously awaited for the next occasion.

20. Pir Shams says : "I danced my part that evening."