Garbi No. 12.

1. "Beware, beware, 0, keen and intelligent people!

2. 0, good, righteous men, dance with untarnished joy !

3. Give up folly, avarice, fraud,

4. Remember the Almighty God !

5-6. You will not attain union with God so long as you adore and worship idols.

7. These Garbis and Bhavanis are all futile,

8. These lights are merely handfuls of deception.

9. 0 Ye, humble ones ! What will you attain by dancing in this way? Only fatigue and exhaustion !

10. Do not keep your hearts in such delusive intoxication.

11. You do all this merely to get livelihood.

12. You are revelling in falsehood and debauchery.

13. You must worship the Lord of the Time whose name is Kasam (Qsim) Shh.29

14. If you act according to his commandments, you will go to Paradise.

15-16. You must believe in the truth of the Sat Panth, and worship the true and mighty Lord of the Time.

17-18. By uttering these admonitions, Pir Shamsh opened the locked hearts of those participating in the dances.