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1. Mowlana al-Aziz. had a private librarian. Imam's library contained 200,000 rare manuscripts and an equal number of manuscripts could be found at el-Azhar. There were also 2,400 illuminated manuscripts on the Kuran. What was the name of the said librarian?
a) al-Zahir b) Al-Shabushti c) Buzurg Humid

2. What was the name of the ismaili dynasty which ruled for more than 300 years in India, from 443 AH to 752 AH?
a) The Multan Dynastie b) The Sumra dynasty c) The Shamsi Dynastie

3. A sect was born at the death of Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah. They considered Imam al-Hakim as the 10th and last Divine Incarnation on earth. According to them, Imam al-Hakim has simply disappeared and will come back as the Messiah. We can find a good many of them settled today in Syria, Lebanon and in some other regions like Iraq. What's the name of this sect?
a) The Druzes b) The Musteali c) The Zaidi

4. Who is said to have written the following saying: "He who points out your mistakes is a true advisor"?
a) Imam Baqir b) Shah Karim c) Hazrat Ali

5. Mowlana al-Muizz had a private doctor. He not only received from the Imam financial help for himself, but so did his two sons, who also became doctors. What was the name of this doctor?
a) al-Shahbusti b) Ibn Kilis c) Musa b.Aizar

6. A famous Ismaili philosopher, born in Cordova in 1126, wrote comments on most of Aristotle's works. He was known in Europe under the name of Averrhoes. He was the author of the monumental "Tahâfot al-Tahâfor" in which Averrhoes follows step by step and progressively refutes Gazali's critiques against Ismailis. What was the real name of the Ismaili philosopher?
a) Ibn Roshd b) Abu Ali Sina c) Ibn Haitam

7. In some of this Ginans - in "Amar tè ayo" for instance - Pir Sadardin says that there was a king who was converted to Ismailism by his wife Tara Rani, and was appointed Mukhi responsible for the salvation of 70,000,000 souls. Who was this famous king?
a) Raja Pehlaj b) Raja Harischandra c) Raja Jyestaur

8. At the time of Imam al-Qaim, there was a famous Ismaili peot, born in Rodak, who is supposed to have composed 1,300,000 verses. He was blinded by the Abbassids because he was Ismaili. Who was he?
a) Rodaki b) Shams Tabriz c) al-Hallaj

9. Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah had a Palace built in Poona in order to give shelter and employment to people during the long famine of 1900. This Palace was offered by Hazar Imam to the government of India in 1968 so as to have it transformed into a national monument. What was the name of that Palace?
a) Sultan Mohammad Shah's Tebri b) The Yerowda Palace c) Alighar Place