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Think carefully before answering these questions and press the button at the end to know how good you are on Ismaili History.

1. At the death of Daļs Halwani and Abu Sufiyani in Maghreb, Imam al-Mehdi sent another daļ to finish their mission. What was his name?
a) Dai Firoz b) Pir Sabzali c) Abu Abdullah as-Shii

2. What was the name of the tribe that helped Abu Abdullah as-Shii to prepare the arrival of Imam al-Mehdi in Northern Africa?
a) The Kutama Tribe b) The Berbers c) The Moores

3. Where was Imam al-Mehdi residing before coming to North Africa?
a) Salamiya, in Syria b) Mecca, in Arabia c) Cairo in Egypt

4. When did Imam Mehdi became first fatimid Calif
a) 20 November 970 in Cairo b) 3 June 948 in Bagdad c) 15 January 910 in Raqquada

5. Can you name a town founded by Imam al-Mehdi in North Africa and which still exists at the present time?
a) al-Mansuriya b) al-Qahira c) Al-Mehdiya which became the capital

6. Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah founded a mosque which became an international university in Cairo. Its library contained 2 million books. The Imam's personal library was composed of 40 rooms each one containing 18,000 books. Can you name this university?
a) Al-Azar b) Dar al-Hikmat c) Dar al Tibb

7. Please name a town founded by Imam al-Mansoor
a) Mecknes b) Al-Mansooriya c) Funus

8. Can you name three Fatimid Caliphs?
a) Ali, Al Mehdi, Baqir b) Ali, Hassan, Hussayn c) Al-Mehdi, al-Mansoor, al-Muizz

9. He was the first to receive the title of Vizir by Imam al-Aziz., and the first one to appoint permanent teachers at al-Azhar. He also was a great daļ, a renowned jurist, and the author of many books on Ismailism. At his death, Imam al-Aziz. personally conducted prayers at the funerals. What was his name?
a) Qadi Numan b) Shams Tabriz c) Yaqub ibn Killis

10. The Ismaili New Year is celebrated each year the first day of Spring, on March 21st. From a spiritual point of view, it represents the spiritual resurrection of the soul. At the time of the first 8 Fatimid Caliphs, this day was a national holiday in North Africa. How do we call this New Year?
a) Navroz b) Saligrah c) Idd e Gadir