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1. A famous Ismaili alchemist was the pupil of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq. He was known in Europe under the name of Jebber. What was his real name?
a) Jabir ibn Hayyan b) Jabri Shah c) Zahur Beg

2. Whom did Imam al-Muizz entrusted the mission to conquer Egypt?
a) Hassan bin Sabbah b) Abu Abdallah c) General Jawhar

3. Where does the name "Khoja" come from? And what does it mean?
a) Comes from Persia and means "lost soul" b) Comes from Pir Sadardin, and means "Lord, Master, Honourable Tradesman" c) Comes from Arabie and means "followers"

4. What is the other name under which Pir Mohammed Shah is better known?
a) Pir Salahuddin b) Pir Satgoor Noor c) Pir Sohdev

5. A famous book contains the sermons of Imam Mustansirbillah. It was given the title of Pir by the Imam. How is this book entitled?
a) Pir Pandiyat--Jawanmardi b) Mansawi c) Menovis

6. In every era, there is a Pir on earth. He is appointed for life by the Imam and for all jamats in the world. He necessarily comes from the Imam's family. Sometimes, the Imam keeps this position for Himself. Who is the present Pir?
a) Prince Amyn Mohamed b) Mata Salamat c) Mowlana Shah Karim

7. In 1899, Imam Sultan Mohammed decided to set up the "Sat Panthi Mission Society" which, in 1920, became the "Recreation Club Institute". In turn, the "Recreation Club Institute" became the "Ismailia Association". Today, the Ismailia Association has become the "Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Department". Name the person who was entrusted with the setting up of the "Sat Panthi Mission Society" in 1899.
a) Sayed Imam Begum b) Mukhi Devraj c) Sayeed Didarali

8. The Ismaili Fatimid dynasty ruled for more than 250 years. Where does the name "Fatimid" come from?
a) Fatma Pak b) Miracle of Fatima c) Fatima al-Zahra

9. Who founded the Fatimid Dynasty?
a) Imam al Mansoor b) Imam al-Mehdi c) Imam Aziz

10. As early as 762 A.D., Imam Jaffar as-Sadiq had sent 2 das in Mahreb in order to prepare for the arrival of Imam al-Mehdi. What was their name?
a) Dai Firoz and Dai Abu Sufiyani b) Da Halwani and Da Abu Sufiyani c) Dai Halweni and Dai Firoz