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1. Who wrote the famous "Ismaili Qasida" which replies to questions about Creation, and which was commented on by two well-known daļs, namely Daļ Nassir Khusraw and Daļ Mohammed Ibn Sork of Nishapur? These two comments were translated into French by Henri Corbin.
a) Abu Mutalib b) Abul Haytham Gorgani c) Abu Horaira

2. An Ismaili jurist served the first 4 fatimid Caliphs of Egypt. He became very famous in the Muslim world. He is also the author of many legal and religious books, i.e. "Daim al-Islam" and "Asas al-Tawil". Who was the great Ismaili jurist?
a) Qadi Akbar b) Rai Hassan c) Qadi an-Numan

3. When Emir Afdal, son of Badr al-Jamali, betrayed Imam Nizar at the death of Imam Mustansirbillah, a famous Ismaili daļ sided with Imam Nizar and founded the Alamūt brotherhood. Who was the famous daļ?
a) Hassan bin Sabbah b) Abu Abdallah as Shii c) Gazi Jawhar

4. A son of Pir Sahibdin founded approximately 70 Jamat Khanas in Sind. He founded the first Jamat Khana in Kotara. Who was he?
a) Pir Shams b) Pir Hassan Shah c) Pir Sadardin

5. The previous Du'a, which was recited by Ismailis during several centuries, was very long and took almost half an hour to be recited. It summarized the story of Creation. Who composed it?
a) Pir Nuruddin b) Pir Sadardin c) Mowlana Nizar

6. Pir Nasiruddin's father was very fond of travels. He had established 84 Jamat Khanas in China. What was His name?
a) Pir Hassan Shah b) Pir Shams c) Pir Mirza Mohamed

7. The Great Resurrection (Qiyamat al-Qiyamat) was the proclamation of a purely spiritual religion at Alamūt, in 1164. What was the name of the Imam who proclaimed the Great Resurrection?
a) Mowlana Alazikrihis-Salaam b) Mowlana Mustansir Bilah c) Mowlana Zahir

8. The Medical Canon was used as a medical reference book for several centuries in Europe. It described many symptoms of known and lesser known diseases like cancer. It was written by a famous Ismaili philosopher and doctor at the time of the Fatimids. Who was he?
a) Ibn Rushd b) Hatim Tai c) Ibn Sina-Avicenna

9. Hazrat Ali had two well-known sons. One of them inherited the Imamat from his father, and the other received the Piratan and became the second Pir of Ismailis since Prophet Mohammed. Who was he?
a) Hazrat Hussayn b) Hazrat Idris c) Hazrat Hassan

10. A famous encyclopaedia in 51 volumes was written by a group of Ismailis 1000 years ago under the supervision of Imam Taki Mohammed, who personally wrote the 52nd volume. The said encyclopaedia deals with Logic, Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Astronomy... What's the title of this famous work?
a) Risail Ikhwan as-Safa b) al-Canoon c) Kitab al Alin wa al Gulam