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1. When Prophet Mohammed's parents died, he was sheltered and brought up by Hazrat Ali's father. Who was Hazrat Ali's father?
a) Abu Talib b) Abu Mutalib c) Abu Horeira

Mowlana al-Mehdi has a private doctor who wrote several medical books. Who was that doctor?
a) Abu Ishaq Kohestani b) Ibn Haytam c) Abu Yaqub Ishaq ibn Suleman

Pir Hassan Kabirdin was the son of Pir Sadardin. He composed a 500 quatrain Granth named "Anat Akhando" which begins with "Ashaji" and that we recite every day in Jamat Khana. How many children did Pir Hassan Kabirdin have?
a) 14 - 13 sons and 1 daughter b) 19 - 18 sons and 1 daughter c) 8 - 3 sons and 5 daughters

4. Hazrat Ali married Prophet Mohammed's daughter. She was very beautiful. History tells that when she was praying her face was glittering. Who was Hazrat Ali's wife?
a) Bibi Aysha b) Bibi Khadija c) Bibi Fatima

5. When Prophet Mohammed went on his last pilgrimage, he received a Divine Order to publicly declare a Divine Order to publicly declare Hazrat Ali's Imamat. Name the place where Hazrat Ali's Imamat was openly declared.
a) Karbala b) Gadir-è-Khum c) Khaybur

6. Pir Hassan Kabirdin had only one daughter. A Ginan was also dedicated to her. What was the name of Pir Hassan Kabirdin's daughter?
a) Baï Budhaï b) Bibi Fatima c) Tara Rani

7. Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah is renowned for His great achievements in the fields of Architecture, Education and Sciences. What was the name of the Medical School founded in Sicilia by Imam Hakim bi-Amrillah?
a) Dar at-Tibb b) Dar al-Hikmat c) Dar al-ilm

8. 1000 years after Imam al-Muizz had founded the first University in Cairo, Hazar Imam inaugurated a university in Karachi. What is the name of the international University founded by Hazar Imam in Pakistan?
a) Aliqhar University b) Aga Khan University c) AgaKhan IIIrd Foundation

9. What's the name of the Mosque which later became an international university founded by Imam al-Muizz in Cairo?
a) el-Azhar b) Dar at-Tibb c) Aliqhar

10. The 10th Jodilo, which is a Ginan written by Pir Shams, refers to the foundation of the Gat Pat in the spiritual world. Who founded the Gat Pat?
a) Bibi Sarkar b) Bibi Fatima c) Sati Emna