Bellerive Foundation


Case Postale 6,

CH - 1211 Geneva 3


(22) 3468866

Contact : Barry Gilbert-Miguet

Founded: 1977

Staff: 12

Budget: 2,500,000 SFr.

Languages: English, French.

Nonmembership. Multinational.


Private foundation that promotes conservation of the earth's natural resources and protection of all life forms and the environment.

Operates Bellerive Rural Technology Programme which promotes tree conservation in developing countries. Encourages production for fuelwood through tree-planting activities, reduction of fuelwood consumption through dissemination of fuel-saving domestic and institutional cooking systems, and education on tree and fuelwood conservation through children's programs and women's groups.

Sponsors Alp Action, a conservation program designed to protect the environment in and around the Alps Mountain Range. Maintains Groupe de Bellerive, a panel of eminent individuals who seek to encourage public debate on the implications of scientific and technological advancements and their effect on peace and the environment.

Conducts Bellerive Animal Welfare Programme, which promotes conservation of species and humane treatment of animals.

Sponsors periodic international colloquia.

Publications: Bellerive Foundation Newsletter, semi-annual.

Also publishes Modern Stoves for All, Stoves to Save Our Forests, Nuclear Energy and Society, For Science without Violence and other books.

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