(e) Bringing a dead Boy to Life. 14

273. Pir Shams took a seat in a mosque. There was a boy (in the city) who had great affection for the Pir . Unfortunately, he died.

274. That boy was a prince, the son of the king of the Unch city. When this sudden calamity befell the king, an idea flashed into his mind.

275. He said to himself: "I have heard that the progeny of the Apostle of God can bring the dead back to life." Then he ordered the dead body to be placed in a large house, and summoned all the qadis and muftis.

276. When they assembled at the court, he said to them : "I listened to you all the time, it was you who read the Holy Book to me.

277. You read in it that the progeny of the Apostle of God can bring the dead back to life. Now here lies a dead body in my house.

278. Come and bring him to life! If you fail in this you will be cruelly tortured, together with all your families." On hearing this the qadis and muftis asked the king to make a proclamation in the city summoning such a person.

279. The king did this, and a proclamation was made in the city, summoning anyone who happened to belong to the progeny of the Apostle of God. All the inhabitants of the city came there, but there was none who could return the dead boy to life!

280. Everyone was frightened, excitedly talking to each other and discussing among themselves the threat made by the king to punish and utterly ruin them.

281. All were terribly worried. Then one of them suddenly had an idea. He suggested they should to go to the mosque and call the man who was resting there to come before the king.

282. On hearing this suggestion, all those who were crowding at the court rose and went to the mosque where Sat GurShams rested. They related to him what had happened.

283. They implored the Pir to come, for otherwise the king would punish and ruin them, together with their families. They begged him to have pity on them and revive the prince.

284. Sat Gur Shams then asked them whether there was any person (besides himself) in the city, belonging to the progeny of the Apostle of God capable of bringing the prince to life.

285. He added : "I am a slave of Muhammad the Apostle of God. What power have I to do this ?" Then he told them to go to the saints of the city and pray to them to do this.

286. Those who were present most humbly replied that they had searched the whole of the city for such person, but were unable to find one. They prayed to the Pir to pity them, as would their own father and mother, and save them and their families (from the wrath of the king).

287. Then the murshid (i.e. spiritual guide, the Pir ), with great benignity, rose and went to the palace of the king. He took the dead prince by the arm, and the boy rose at once.

288. (Thus) he brought the boy to life by his own authority, without uttering the name of God.15 When the boy got up and recognized the Pir , they at once went out together.