Sayed Abdul Nabi

Kahek had been made the new headquarters in Kirman after Anjudan. Sayed Abdul Nabi was an Indian vakil, who visited Kahek. He was rejoiced to behold Nizar in the garden, facing the palace, which he relates in his ginan that:-

"I enjoyed a trip with the Imam, when my Lord was in the garden."

Sayed Abdul Nabi's another ginan also gives condensed account that:-

"The everlasting Lord resides in Kahek in the very form of Ali. The apparent Imam Nizar is the 77th epiphany of God, and the 40th Imam."

Sayed Abdul Nabi mostly preached in Gujrat. In Surat, he came into the close contact of the Gupti Momna Ismailis. He used to organise a weekly religious gathering, known as satsang (the pious congregation) in which the local Hindu families were also invited, notably the Laiwala, Naginawala and Jamiatram families. Sayed Abdul Nabi died in Surat, and his mausoleum is situated at Kankara Khadi, near Surat, which is venerated by the Muslims.

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