Origin of the Nimatullahis

It deserves notice, however, that the Nimatullahi order of Sufism also surfaced out in Iran. It was founded by Amir Nuruddin Nimatullah Kirmani, who traced his descent from Ismail bin Jafar Sadik. He was born in 730/1328 in Aleppo, and died in 834/1431 at Mahan in Kirman. Shah Nimatullah designated his son Burhanuddin Khalilullah (d. 860/1456), who migrated to Deccan for ever, but left his son Shamsuddin at Mahan to supervise the affairs of the Iranian followers. Nimatullahi order thus, existed both in Iran and India under two leaderships. Owing to the rigid religious policy of the Safavids between 906/1501 and 995/1588, the detail of the order is not accessible. It was not an hereditary order, but continued under different saints.
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