MUSTANSIR BILLAH II (868-880/1463-1475)

Ali Shah, surnamed Mustansir billah, also known as Jalaluddin was born in Kahek. He seems to have known as Shah Qalandar among the Iranian mystics. He too resided in Kahek and sometimes in Shahr-i Babak. In "Pandiyat-i Jawanmardi", we also find different terms for the Imam that became vogue among his followers, viz. Imam-i Zaman (Imam of the time), Imam-i Hazar (the apparent Imam), Sahibu'z Zaman (the master of the world), Ali Zaman (the Ali of the time), Sahibu'l Amr (the master of authority), Hazar Jama (the present bearer of light), and simply as Hazrat-i Mawlana Mustansir billah.
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