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1. Introduction to the Imam of the Time - God manifest, resides in Iran and He is the One who Satgur (Pir) introduced you (Momins) to Him.

REFRAIN: Beware O Momins! This is what the true Guru tells you.

2. That the descendant of Ali and Muhammed is He (present Imam) and if you do not recognize Him you will go to Hell.

3. Right from that lineage Shri Islam Shah is the present holder of that Noor and He resides in Kehek.

4. In every Imam it is the same Noor of Ali and the scriptures bear that out of 40 Siparas (parts) of the Quran are a proof of that and verily 30 are in this world

5. The rest of the 10 Siparas (parts) are really the gist of this religion; Momins you should recognize the 10 Siparas as the prime religion and that was what Pir Satgur introduced you to.

6. Nabi's descent came to this world to show you the right path (religion); Guru Imam Shah (composer) tells you this that verily (Imam of the Time), He is Muhammed's progeny.

7. The Noor in the Imam of the Time is the same that was the cause of creation and really is from the very Noor you have been given the Satpanth, nay, even the Quran originated from that Noor.

8. (Allah has sent) four Kitabs (scriptures) - Tawrat, Zabur, Injil, Furqan - and four Hindu scriptures (the Veds) - the right Guru is mentioned in those scriptures (OR Imam Shah has studied those scriptures). That knowledge was sent by Allah and it is presently in the Quran.

9. The Quran has given you the basic understanding of Shariat, Tariqat and Haqiqat - it is up to you now to search for Marifat.

10. The spiritual side of your existence is found in the Satpanth (and you can find it) if you pray during the night with real faith and verily that is the only salvation for your soul.

11. Those Momins who do not wake up in the morning for Ibadat will go astray and their souls will have to evolve 84 lakh times; in other words, they will not achieve salvation.

12. The only way to overcome this evolvement of 84 lakh times is by obeying Satgur's Farman, and giving Dasond to Satgur. Verily this will ensure your place in Heaven (Amrapuri).

13. The Amrapuri (Heaven) that you will experience and the peace that you will have is impossible for Me to describe! Verily believe Me when I say that I have experienced it and it is a place full of Firastas and spiritually evolved souls.

14. In the Amrapuri (Heaven) there are boundless rewards and that (Imam) will bestow His blessings on Momins and grant all their hearts' desires.

15. So remember Momin, if you walk the path of Satpanth and be a Dasondi and observe Sukreet (good deeds) you will find that Amrapuri for even our scriptures (the right knowledge) bear that fact.

16. The right knowledge has come from Ali and His progeny as is borne (forecast) by the Holy Quran and the Holy Quran has come from God Himself (Qudrat) and the proof of all that is really here in Satpanth (this Ghar).

17. Momins, despite being aware of this Ghar (Satpanth), if you ignore it then you will not achieve salvation and will deserve Hell (Dozakh) for this Ghar is really the proof of the infinite God and never think twice about serving Him.

18. The Gods such as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvar are all one in this Satpanth and are manifest in Ali's progeny and is present with us in this world.

19. Remember Momins that Vishnu in His mercy had told Brahma that He would grant His wish and in whatever Joog Brahma wanted Him, then Vishnu would be with Him.

20. And it is because of that promise Brahmaji has been able to continue Satpanth.

21. Thus many eras (Kalaps) have passed and the four Kalaps have passed and the four Kalaps finally prevailed, of which three have already passed and in the past three, Brahma was obeying Vishnu's Firman.

22. In the present (fourth) Kalap, there are four Joogs and the Gods have combined into one God and verily that is the Right Guru (present Imam).

23. Remember Momins that three Joogs have passed and Satgur has come in the fourth Joog to lead you to salvation.

24. So many eras have passed and Vishnu prevailed as the Creator. In this last and present era (Kaljoog) Murtaza Ali has manifested in Mecca.

25. From that day His progeny has continued till this day in Kehek town and the name of the present Imam is Shri Islam Shah.

26. Those Momins who will serve Him with sincerity, all their past and present sins will be forgiven. They will also recognize Him in all His different forms and they will be the ones who will achieve salvation.

27. So Momins, do not fall behind in your Dasond for many souls have already achieved salvation and these were the souls who had recognized the Imam as their Lord.

28. Without Dasond there is no salvation so heed Me Momins, for I am being emphatic. This Joog is the last stage where you can achieve salvation; then why not make an extra effort to achieve it.

29. Dasond is a tenth of your earnings for the Imam and that is for his material upkeep and food (ahar) and the fortieth of your earning is for Pir, for Pir has dedicated His life for you.

30. Those Momins who will be dubious about paying Dasond will have no material, physical or familial peace. These are the Momins who have not walked the path of Satpanth and I am beseeching them.

31. O Momins! This is the last time you have come here and all your Avtars are now over and now King Ali will do Aswari (Epiphany) (make Himself known).

32. There will be a battle fought by the Imam (Naklank) and this will be much heralded. Only "good" souls will win this battle. The stubborn or misguided will have utter defeat.

33. So Momins, do not be amongst the misguided for you have a difficult mountain to climb and Ali will put you on trial so don't be misguided.

34. This Kaljoog is a difficult time, so beware, give Dasond to the right Guru and that is one way of achieving salvation.

35. Those who won't give Dasond to the right Guru and remain stubborn despite knowing that, they will never have peace in their hearts and their souls will eternally be crying.

36. Momins, I have told you all, it's up to you to think over it. This house (Satpanth) of Ali is from God Himself. So do not forget to remember Ali.

37. When our Lord will question us about our sins no woman or man would be spared and none will have time to correct their wrong-doings.

38. If you are good in your dealings, so shall you be dealt with and vice-versa for after all you are all listening to this Ginan and on that Day nobody will be your buddy.

39. A father will not befriend his son nor will you recognize your family and when a time like that will prevail, there won't even be any in-laws to worry about.

40. The soul which has not served and a heart that has not thought of religion, that person will be so attached in this world that he will be let down by those he places trust in.

41. This Kaljoog is a difficult time and our heart will really stand a trial. Those people who will not heed this warning, these people will have a long way to go.

42. Momins! You may deal with your surroundings (Sansar) but don't let that lead you astray. The right Guru has come in each era and that promise is the one you should be thinking about (you should be searching for the right Guru in this era).

43. Mother and children will fight with each other and won't consider themselves as one family. The child will abuse his mother. Such will be the call of the day (conduct of the time).

44. People will stop visiting each other. They will blame each other and selfishness will prevail. All these are roads to Hell.

45. Your mind will be involved in Maya (worldly affairs) and no one will think about Ginans. That sort of mind does not lead to salvation for that's not the right way to follow religion.

46. The attendance at a Jamati gathering will decrease and people will stop visiting places of worship. Atheism will be the call of the day and people will pride themselves on that attitude.

47. And the offsprings of such disbelieving couples will of course have no religious feeling. Their feelings will be misguided.

48. And that is the sign that the End is near, so do think over that Momins. When selfishness prevails and when everybody leaves religion.

49. When the 13th century will near its end people will become irreligious. The good will seem to suffer and will be mocked at.

50. Places of worship will turn into places of sin; people's hearts will harden and hardly once in six months will they visit Jamatkhana. Thus no sins will be forgiven.

51. When a time like that has prevailed then even the earth will seem to shake and everything will be base and sinful.

52. No one will understand the truth or the religion except a few. Most will be involved in themselves and they will disrupt congregations that gather for prayer.

53. The right Guru's Farman will not be heeded and everyone will do as they please including not giving their Dasond and discarding their religious traditions.

54. Because of the irreligious era the harvest will not occur and a famine will set in. It won't rain and it will take a lot longer to grow things.

55. The heavens will appear angry and hail and storm will fall (occur). This is all in the hands of Mowla Ali, Who is the Creator of everything.

56. Mowla Ali has created this creation and He is the One Who supplies everyone with Roji (food) and amongst this creation there are some misguided souls; O Momins, do not forget that.

57. These misguided souls will be untrusting and they will not love the Imam of the Time. These will go hungry.

58. Momins, be satisfied with the food you get; do not hunger for more. The one who has created this earth is Ali, Who will give you your Roji (i.e. sustenance).

59. Serve the Imam through which you will evolve your soul for He is the One who helped you whilst you were in your mother's womb and He looked after you then.

60. Those who will not trust Ali and will continue to go the way they will and will think their own intellect to be superior, these people will never have internal peace.

61. Momins, the whole creation was thus created and I do not repeat that; yet the unthinking person is so involved in his worldly affairs that he cannot surface from this affair to realize all this.

62. Those who will not serve Ali, verily they have lost this Avtar (the purpose they were sent for) so beware, O Momins, for you will not come back as a human being.

63. The human Avtar is indeed a high evolvement of soul. In this Avtar you have been introduced to religion and those who are true to this, our Lord will give them salvation.

64. Those who are Dasondi and who walk the path of Satpanth, they have indeed accumulated good deeds and those who will understand the Ginans and follow them, these will not get entrapped in the material world.

65. Momins, four Joogs (four eras) are completed and there is no eleventh Avtar to come. Thus the only way to complete your spiritual evolvement is to submit yourself to His feet and stay by His support.

66. O Momins, get together and meet each other with love. Do not speak ill of each other. Serve the Imam of the Time and that will lead you to Holy Didar.

67. The One who has created our soul and our body, there is no limit to Him. He is the One who should be given Dasond and indeed by doing so, you will be the winner.

68. Remember Satguru before anything you do; then have your meal and you will find that your meals will always be enough.

69. Momins, He will indeed give us what we desire for He is generous and that is why He has created us as humans, so it is incumbent on us to remember that.

70. All the religions that have been created, they all have Ali as their solvent. Hindu or Muslim may stay true to their principles, but in fact, there is only one God and that is Ali.

71. The Creator is One, the paths are many. Everybody is at his/her own level; so do remain steadfast in your religion.

72. Those who are not steadfast do not achieve much. Again, there is only one Creator and He has created us to serve Him. Our Prophet Muhammed is (a manifestation of) Brahma.

73. Prophet Muhammed Mustafa was created to complete a mission. Brahma and Muhammed are one and Vishnu became his son-in-law.

74. Brahma's era has passed and only the scriptures have remained. Hindus believe in those scriptures and base their alm-givings on that.

75. It is with those scriptures that Hinduism continues and there are many who do not understand it. That scripture says that Brahma shoulders the burden of everyone.

76. The true followers of Brahma are the ones who follow the religion properly. They take alms after accomplishing their purpose and thus they do not owe anything to anyone.

77. Prophet Muhammed is like Brahmaji and the Satgur's Noor is descendant from Him. Satgur's Noor has come from the Heaven and He has taught the world the right religion.

78. Pir Satgur Noor's progeny is Pir Shams and they have introduced you to the present Imam who is really Mowla Murtaza Ali.

79. Murtaza Ali was born to Abu Talib in Baitulla, which is in Mecca.

80. His mother was doing Baiyat and was in Ibadat when Hazrat Ali was born.

81. Hazrat Ali's mother was surprised at this incident of Hazrat Ali being born while she was praying for she was away from home when He was born.

82. She did not have to worry very long for two angels came to assist her when Ali was born. Verily He is God Manifest.

83. For seven days He would not open His eyes and would not take any milk. This made Prophet Muhammed realize (who Hazrat Ali was) and he cam to Him.

84. He (Prophet Muhammed) paid respects to Hazrat Ali, upon which He opened His eyes and they mutually saw each other and Hazrat Ali smiled at the Prophet.

85. Since that day Hazrat Ali opened His mouth and has become our leader (check this word). He has told us the secrets of here and after and His words are the gist of the four scriptures.

86. Prophet Muhammed had understood Hazrat Ali's greatness and congratulated His mother for being chosen to be the person through which God would manifest.

87. The Prophet first assured himself of Hazrat Ali and got His Holy Didar. He then introduced Ali to the Momins and those who recognized Him indeed achieved salvation.

88. So Momins, serve that Lord and be thankful for Ali is Allah and do not ever doubt it.

89. The angels came down from the skies to ask the Prophet where and how did you see the leader .

90. The Prophet replied: "I have seen a miracle from (in) Ali's face and He has introduced me to the secrets of the here and after."

91. The angels requested the Prophet: "Please show us Ali the Lord so that we may get His Holy Didar and achieve salvation."

92. The Nabi then took the angels to Hazrat Abu Talib's home where they all saw Allah's Noor (Illahi Noor) and completed their mission.

93. After saluting Hazrat Ali the angels turned back and said to the Prophet: "Verily He is the Creator of the earth and the heaven."

94. The One who has commanded me and has made me your leader (check the word), O Momin, He is the only One I know and I request you not to doubt Him.

95. Prophet Muhammed said to the angels that Ali revealed Himself to me and verily He is the Creator of the universe.

96. Momins, do call Ali Allah and nothing less for I have believed in Him with implicit faith and He is my Lord.

97. Ali is the all-powerful and He is God Manifest. Prophet Muhammed and the angels paid their respects to Him and they went back to their abode.

98. When the angels went back to the Heaven and were fortunate to go to God's presence; to their amazement it was none other than Hazrat Ali.

99. So Momins, God has proclaimed Himself in Hazrat Ali and there is no end to what He can do. He gave us Islam and then came to us riding Dul Dul and with Zulfiqar (sword) in His hand.

100. The people were converted to Islam and no Hindus were left. They could practise their religion openly and Prophet Muhammed was their leader.

101. Nabi Muhammed is the right Brahma and his daughter is Bibi Fatima. This worried the Prophet - who would marry his daughter?

102. When Prophet was called on (experienced) Meraj, he saw many wonderful things and Hazrat Ali made a Farman to him not to worry.

103. I have chosen a husband for your daughter, Bibi Fatima, who has come to you through Abu Talib's lineage.

104. Know My form, for though I am manifest in Murtaza Ali, I am the Creator and do not doubt that.

105. When the Prophet heard this at Meraj, he gained faith and he saw awe-inspiring things.

106. He requested Hazrat Ali saying, "How will I convince my fellow human beings that you are God Manifest?"

107. The reply from the Heaven to the Prophet was: "O My beloved Prophet, marry your daughter to Hazrat Ali."

108. You have a daughter and I have the husband for her. You are Muhammed and I am "Jal Shahnur" (Creator). Together we will carry on the mission.

109. When your daughter will grow older I will create the circumstance for her to marry Ali for indeed you are from My Noor, so don't worry about the future.

110. Marry Bibi Fatima to Hazrat Ali in the dowry give her four servants.

111. These servants will stay with her and will respect and love Bibi Fatima and she will love them. These servants will be regular in their prayers and their families will be happy.

112. They will also believe in Hazrat Ali and will serve Him with love and will acknowledge Ali as Allah.

113. Those who will acknowledge Ali as Allah, they are indeed equivalent to Pir and Nabi, and one can call them as from Nabi.

114. Momins, believe Ali's progeny to be true and those who will do this will get the benefit as those servants did. They will also be guided to the right path if they will love Ali and Muhammed.

115. We will believe with true Iman in Ali, especially in this present material world (Kaljoog); we will also consider Him as our own so that He will be our cause for salvation. (This is what the servants will pledge.)

116. Nabi then replied, "O My Lord, I will obey Your Farman, please be Merciful on me."

117. Momins, Ali and Muhammed are one. It is like different attributes of God as one who would compare Ali to Vishnu and Muhammed to Brahma.

118. The Lord then replied: The Lord who is the Creator of this universe - Maheshvar is that Creator and He has created Hazrat Adam and manifested Himself.

119. The Prophet then came down from his Meraj to his house and went to bed where he met Hazrat Ali.

120. When Bibi Fatima became older, Prophet received another order from Allah to marry Bibi Fatima to Ali and give her four servants in dowry.

121. Prophet heeded the Farman and requested Hazrat Ali to marry Bibi Fatima.

122. Hazrat Ali thus married Bibi Fatima, the Prophet's daughter, and the Prophet gave her a dowry of four servants.

123. These servants served Ali; Momin, listen to their names which were in Arabic and I'll try to translate them for you.

124. Their names were Khalak, Khudabaksh, Sadak, Abdurasool; and Bibi Fatima was in charge of them.

125. These servants served both Bibi Fatima and her husband (Hazrat Ali) all their lives and even when their final moments came, they remained steadfast in their love for Ali.

126. Bibi Fatima requested Ali, saying: "O My Beloved Alim, these people have served us all their lives; how can we repay them?"

127. Hazrat Ali replied: "Listen, Bibi Fatima, ask them what they want, and so shall they have."

128. Bibi Fatima requested Hazrat Ali to bless the servants so that they and their families may live happily and peacefully.

129. Hazrat Ali called the four servants and said: "You can ask Me what you want today for I am in a generous mood today."

130. Khalak then replied: O my Lord, Your happiness towards me is all I want for indeed You are the Creator of the universe.

131. Keep my Iman strong so that I may cross this world that is like an ocean. The next thing I ask is that I may be blessed with Your Didar always.

132. Bless us also with more Seva for You for indeed me and my family are nothing. You are everything.

133. So Momins, this is how these four great men lived their lives. They did not consider themselves more important than their Lord.

134. Whilst these servants were asking Ali for all the above blessings, they ere crying and Bibi Fatima comforted them and asked them not to worry.

135. Bibi Fatima then requested Hazrat Ali: "O my husband, bless these servants so that they may have a happy family and a son."

136. Those who were ill in that family thus became healthy and each servant was married away.

137. Though each were married, one of them did not conceive and he was the one who had not believed Ali implicitly.

138. After these four servants were married and after they had accepted Islam, they were released from Hazrat Ali's service; thus was His command.

139. Hazrat Ali said, "I release you to be with your family, but follow My Farmans and you will achieve salvation."

140. The four then went to the Prophet and requested him to take them in his service for they said that Hazrat Ali has been happy with us and no longer needs our service.

141. Then Hazrat Nabi guided these four and showed them the right path; asked them to acknowledge Ali as Allah and to pay their Dasond regularly.

142. Dasond is the tenth of your earning which you submit to Ali and the fortieth is our (Pir's) share. Momins, this is how you deal with us.

143. Acknowledge Ali as Allah and Pir is on the same footing as the Nabi. Thus follow what we say to you and that will ensure that you and your family will flourish.

144. I have introduced you to Him and request you to think about Him so that you may in turn have your daughters and sons know Him too.

145. Momins, take Ali's thoughts with you even at the peak of your success, and if you have to leave his thought, leave it after acknowledging Him as Allah.

146. If your faith in Ali is true, then your family will indeed flourish. Thus serve Him implicitly and pay your Dasond.

147. If you pay Dasond to Ali your material wealth and your progeny will increase. He will also keep your Iman strong. Verily Ali is the Creator.

148. Your children that come after you will never go hungry or unhappy till the Day of Judgement if you have understood Satpanth.

149. The children that follow you will adhere to Satpanth. They will believe in Ali and will be among the Muslims who will acknowledge Muhammed.

150. During Kaljoog times will be difficult and only the sincere will be able to keep their Iman strong for diversions will be plenty.

151. Those who will not have followed their religious duty regularly will lose their religion. They will also be amongst those who backbite and are deceptive.

152. These people will also talk a lot against religion. They won't be regular in their Dasond and they will never have peace of mind.

153. In times like this Ali will come to the help of your children, O Momins, and He will make sure that their Iman remains steadfast.

154. When the Khwajas (servants) heard the above preachings from the Nabi, they stood up saluting him and were amongst those who followed his teachings.

155. Nabi introduced them to Satpanth; they had success in their material and spiritual worlds and their families flourished.

156. Till this day the families of these servants have never gone hungry and they have continued the tradition of spreading Islam.

157. They remained true to the right (original) religion and they did this without publicising it.

158. They stayed true in their dealings and Dasond. They never indulged in backbiting - how can people like this ever suffer unhappiness?

159. My belief is that the servants led exemplary lives on which our Satpanth was emulated and they served Nabi and his family.

160. Hazrat Ali is from the Prophet's lineage and Hasan and Husseyn are His children and Zainulabdeen is His grandson.

161. Similarly this line will continue with every Joma (every descendant Imam). Momins, do not forget to serve Him, for if you do, you will not achieve heaven.

162. The religion that has been introduced to you by Ali and Nabi, observe it within yourself for truly this religion is from the time of creation and you can find its proof in the Holy Quran.

163. The Holy Quran confirms this in ten Siparas (chapters) just as Athar Ved (Hindu Scripture) confirms it too. So Momins, observe this without much ado for that is your salvation.

164. Countless eras have passed and your soul has passed through all those eras. In the present era you have Ali and Nabi to guide you to salvation,

165. Those Momins who will obey their Farmans will achieve Noorani Didar. Those who will question the Farmans and think themselves cleverer will not achieve salvation.

166. The Satpanth (or true religion) which you have from creation will help you get through the four Joogs just as 99 Karor souls achieved salvation in the first Joog.

167. In the second era, fifty-six Karor souls served the true Guru and achieved salvation.

168. Thirty-two Karor souls attached themselves rightly to the True Guru in the third era and thus achieved salvation.

169. Thirty-three Karor souls observed their religion implicitly in the fourth era. They did not forget to serve the Guru and thus achieved salvation.

170. In the fourth era there were four Joogs and Ali was the cause of that: Karta (first Joog), Treta (second joog), Duapur (third Joog) and the fourth Joog is Kaljoog.

171. King Pehla was the true Guru in Kartajoog and he served the Lord. He was born of Hamakas (Pehla's father's name) and he looked after him.

172. His father brought him up after he was born in a forest and when the Lord saw Pehla's devotion, He manifested Himself to him.

173. After Pehla, Narsi was the next who went through many tribulations but he followed the path like Pehla and the Lord was beneficent to him.

174. Pehla was happy when he achieved salvation and said: O Lord, You are the cause of my creation and I will submit fully to You, body and soul.

175. He thus served the Lord and achieved Noorani Didar. The Lord was beneficent to him and he completed 84 Lakh evolutions.

176. Because of Satguru, who came to you, the King of the Kings (God) is happy with you and has given salvation to five Karor. The five Karor have gone to Heaven and will have no unhappiness.

177. In the Treta Joog, Harischandra came and his wife was Queen Tara. Their son was Rohidas and they all served Lord Vishnu.

178. Queen Tara served the Lord and achieved salvation. She was like our Satguru and that is why she had a husband like Harischandra.

179. King Harischandra remained devoted in his services and when the time came, he even gave his son, his queen and kingdom for religion.

180. All his wealth and his material comforts diminished. He got sold as a slave and it was after going through this ordeal that he attained Satguru.

181. During that time, Ram was manifest and Satguru was Vijayshthan who served Ram and because of that he achieved salvation.

182. With him, seven Karor went to Heaven, so be like Vijayshthan and Momins, do think about this incident.

183. The right Guru has come in each era to guide us to the right path. Those who are aware of this, understand it for surely you will not be human again.

184. In the Duapur era, Panch Pandaw came and they loved Shri Krishna. Their mother was Kunta who was Truth and their wife was Dropati.

185. The Pandaws were Bhim, Arjun, Sohdev, Dharam and Yodhra. They fought the battle with Kawraw and defeated them.

186. Eighteen different ammunitions were used, yet the Pandaws withstood it for Yodhra was very strong. So Momins, listen to this story.

187. When Vishurvias (check) met Satguru, he met Him with all his thoughts and achieved Heaven for it was on Satguru's Farman that he discarded his worldly possessions and lived a life of seclusion in the forest.

188. Mother Kunta and Dropati came to help the five Pandaws. They served Satguru too and achieved salvation.

189. To achieve salvation, these Pandaws and Satis gave up their kingdom, their possessions and followed Vidurvias's Farman implicitly.

190. Vidurvias (check) was happy with them and loved Jujeshtan and granted salvation to nine Karor.

191. That is the type of service you should do, O Momins, for Jujeshtan did that and achieved salvation for nine Karor, and because the Pandaws obeyed Farmans, they also achieved Heaven.

192. Beware Momins, the path ahead of you is difficult but Satguru has come in each era to guide you, so listen to His Farman if you want salvation.

193. Countless eras have passed and I have no words to describe the second Joog, but those who obeyed Farmans they have achieved salvation.

194. The third Joog is completed and now the Kaljoog is present. Those souls who will not be aware of this will keep coming back in different eras.

195. The present Lord is Ali and Muhammed is His messenger, just as Brahma was to Niranjan. So obey their Farmans to achieve salvation.

196. This was a secret and I love Ali and I have achieved Him after serving Him.

197. The first Pir to come to you was Satgur who has also achieved salvation for he served Ali and Ali game him the right path.

198. Satguru has given you teachings about the right path; so Momins, listen to his teachings, I implore you.

199. He taught you and made you Khojas. He has given you a religion and Dasond is its foundation.

200. Pir Satgur's lineage goes right back to the Prophet. Indeed, he has descended from the heaven to come to Patan (town).

201. In Patan he surprised everyone for he converted the king and the citizens of Patan and married Princess Palandhe and included her in his holy family.

202. The Noor has continued and Pir Saladin (check) was amongst them and he introduced us to Pir Shah and to Hazar Imam.

203. Pir Saladin has told us that those who give alms generously achieve the Truth and those who follow Satgur's Farman know the real religion.

204. Pir Shams was from Pir Saladin's (check) lineage and was born in Tabrez (check) and he taught that same religion and dedicated his life.

205. Pir Shams left Tabrez (check) and went to twenty-four different countries (towns) (check) and converted Momins to the right path.

206. Once after going around different towns, he came to a place called Mahachin (check) where he converted Rani Surja and her son Prince Kamla. Her husband was (unfortunately) Daint Kalingo.

207. Pir Shams showed the above two the right religion and told them to give their Dasond and follow the Truth.

208. Dasond when given from honest earning reaches the Imam. Those who give it after dishonest means will have a burden on their head.

209. Get involved in your work for the twelve hours of the day (Chaar pahor) and whatever you earn be satisfied with it and pay Dasond from it. The remaining twelve hours are of the night.

210. Of these the best four hours are the last four hours - known as Khat Ghadi - and these are designated for Bandagi and Momins, if you take that obligation then you will achieve salvation.

211. The Guru has divided your day for you and do not doubt that Momins. Just as you conduct a business during the day to gain wealth, you should conduct spiritual business (prayers) in the night.

212. Wherever you may be, you should do this and try not to miss this obligation for if you do, then you will not have completed your mission.

213. Satgur has instructed us on the following as well: not to backbite, not to lie, not be stubborn or quarrelsome, but always be humble and bear the burdens with a smile.

214. Those who obeyed Satgur's Farmans and followed Satpanth, amongst these were 750 Karor Momins as well as Prince Kamla, who was their leader.

215. Pir Shams left (Mahachin) and went to Uch Mulak where the people did not recognize Pir Shams and the ruler Bahauddin Zakariya.

216. People believed in Bahauddin and were not receptive to Pir Shams. Pir, after walking around, came to a Masjid and started to recite Namaz.

217. There came a young child who grew attached to Pir and became Pir's companion. This young man was none other than the King's son.

218. One day the Guru (Pir Shams) was walking across the town and to the banks of an ocean.

219. As there were no boats, he made a paper boat and sailed in it.

220. He sailed in the paper boat for a long time and the boat took him right across the city.

221. Bahauddin was sitting in his balcony and saw Pir sailing in a paper boat.

222. Bahauddin got worried for he could not bear to have another "strong" person in his kingdom.

223. This caused the boat to get wet and Pir looked back at Bahauddin and the boat stopped getting wet.

224. Pir said to himself: Who is this unbeliever whose evil eye has wet my boat?

225. Bahauddin's head was propped out from the balcony and Pir wished that his head would grow antlers and indeed that is what happened.

226. Thus Bahauddin could not pull his head back due to the antlers and he became very anxious and nervous.

227. When Pir had completed his sailing and come back to the dry land, he came tot he town centre.

228. Bahauddin, whose head was still stuck out, asked everybody who was this man who had just come to the town centre.

229. Everybody started asking: Where is that stranger and what is his address?

230. The young man who was attached to Pir told Bahauddin's men who Pir was.

231. Bahauddin's man came down to the shore and greeted Pir.

232. He returned to Bahauddin and reported that indeed this man had travelled in a paper boat.

233. Bahauddin (who was still stuck in the window) told his sons what his predicament was.

234. And he also requested his sons to go down to this man who had travelled in the paper boat to make him normal again.

235. His sons, Sheik and Sadur asked their father what had caused him to have antlers.

236. Bahauddin replied: I was watching this man sail in a paper boat.

237. The boat, despite being of paper, did not get wet. However, my staring at him could have caused it to get wet.

238. This might have angered the man and he might have cursed me to be in this state.

239. So go to that man and request him to take away his curse and pray for me.

240. Thus Sheik and Sadur went down to the town with a man to where the paper boat was.

241. They saw the Pir seated at the bank of the river. They folded their hands and humbled themselves in front of Pir.

242. Pir asked them what they wanted and who their father was.

243. Sheik and Sadur replied: We stay in this town and our father is Bahauddin and we are two brothers.

244. Pir Shams asked them their names.

245. Sheik and Sadur replied: We are called Sheik Sadu, O Lord, and my younger brother is Rukan.

246. Forgive our father, whose head is stuck in the window; please forgive him.

247. Pir asked them again to describe how their father's head was stuck in the window and what had caused it.

248. Sheik and Sadur replied: Whilst you were sailing in your paper boat my father was watching you from the window and this caused your boat to have difficulty.

249. Our father's head grew antlers and we have come to request you to get rid of them.

250. Pir Shams replied: I was angry at your father for he caused my boat to get wet and to punish him, I have him the antlers.

251. Now that you have come, Sheik and Sadur, the antlers will disappear and he will be able to withdraw his head from the window, but signs of the antlers from his forehead will remain for generations and generations.

252. All the people in your lineage will have the marks on their foreheads as a distinguishing feature that they belong to Bahauddin's family.

253. Sheik and Sadur saluted the Pir and returned home to find Bahauddin able to withdraw his head from the window and Bahauddin asked Sheik and Sadur what had transpired.

254. Bahauddin grew apprehensive and felt that Pir would jeopardize his position in the city.

255. He told Sheik and Sadur: It will be difficult for us to maintain our dignity in this city (if Pir resides here).

256. So take this glass full of milk to the Pir and let him drink it.

257. Bahauddin filled the glass with milk, put poison in it, and Sheik and Sadur took it to the Pir.

258. Sheik and Sadur came to the Pir and requested him to accept the milk which was sent by their father.

259. Pir looked at the milk and raised his hand to the sky and plucked a flower from the air.

260. He put the flower in the milk and told Sheik and Sadur to take it back to their father.

261. Pir raised his hand again and this time he had sand in his hand. He gave it to Sadur and told him to divide it into three portions.

262. Sheik and Sadur took these (milk and sand) to their father.

263. They presented all the three elements: milk, flower and sand to their father and asked for an explanation.

264. "What was your intention for sending him the milk and why did he put a flower in the milk you sent him?"

265. Bahauddin replied: Though you did not understand, my son, it was my way of telling that there are too many high people in this city (i.e. no room for Pir).

266. Pir's reply by placing a flower was that, "I'll stay without interfering with anybody, just as this flower floats in milk."

267. Sheik and Sadur asked for explanation of the sand that was sent. Bahauddin did not reply, but he became very restless.

268. Every person finds his level and Bahauddin is no exception. He was a jealous individual and began working against our religion.

269. Bahauddin did not believe in Ali or Nabi.

270. It's like a blind man who cannot see that Panjtan Pak is the cause of these three entities: the Holy Quran, Dul Dul (the horse) and Zulfiqar (the sword).

271. A shroud had descended from the heavens to shield the Panjtan Pak. The angels came down from the heavens and they came to Bibi Fatima's residence.

272. Many miracles were seen time and again. The unbeliever cannot believe that. They just give lip service, but do not understand the gist of Sat Panth.

273. The child who had travelled with and loved Pir Shams, (unfortunately) passed on.

274. This child was the king's son and lived in Uch. The king was very upset and began to think of ways to bring the child back to life.

275. The king said that: "I've heard Prophet's progeny can give life to the dead and so get me somebody from the Prophet's progeny to help my child."

276. Many "religious men" came to the king's palace and the king said: I have given you alms and food, now you help me in my hour of need.

277. You have taught me that Nabi's progeny can give life so help me for I have a dead man at my door.

278. Give life to this boy or else I will harm your children too. The "religious men" started begging the king to spare them and to announce in the town for Nabi's descendant to come over.

279. Thus it was announced in the town and many claimants of their lineage to the Prophet came forward, but none could give life to the child.

280. These people got worried and knew that the king would be angry with them if they could not fulfil his wish.

281. The whole town was in a predicament when one person remembered the man who had travelled in the paper boat and decided to bring him to the king.

282. Several townsfolk came down to the river bank where Pir Shams was seated.

283. They requested Pir Shams to help them by giving life to the prince for their children were now too in danger.

284. Pir Shams asked them: Hasn't any other descendant of the Prophet been able to accomplish that deed?

285. I am but a Prophet's salve and it's too big a burden for me to carry, so I request you to ask the other descendants of the Prophet.

286. All the people said: We have tried, but not succeeded and you are our only hope.

287. Thus Pir rose and went to the palace, took the child by his hand and woke him up.

288. He woke him up by his own command and he did not invoke God whilst doing it. The child recognized Pir and bowed down to him.

289. The people watching became suspicious of the Pir and felt that Pir was playing God. They thus held a conference to discuss this.

290. They decided not to associate with the Pir, started speaking ill of Pir, and those whose Iman was not strong, they went astray.

291. Pir, with the child, left the city. They were hungry and thirsty and the heat of the sun did not help the matter.

292. When they came to shad Pir thought of a way to get food for the young lad. He skinned himself without any trouble.

293. He gave his skin to the child, who came back to the town.

294. The child requested the townsfolk to make amends with Pir for the child had recognized Pir's teachings.

295. The people could not grasp and began doubting Pir even more and would not give him any food.

296. They also forbade anybody to give him any food for they felt that Pir was claiming to be more than God.

297. We will forgive you only if you repent and one of the ways would be to skin you alive. Until this happens, nobody in town will give you any food.

298. Pir Shams knew what was to happen and he went to a butcher. He gave him some money to buy some meat.

299. The butcher was not sure whether he could give Pir any food for he had heard the announcement.

300. The butcher thought: I'll just give him raw meat and that will not anger the townsfolk.

301. Pir Shams accepted the raw meat and went to the other people to ask for some firewood to cook his meat.

302. Nobody cooperated and the evening was drawing nearer; so in the end, four hours before the sunset, Pir requested the sun to come to his help.

303. The sun obeyed Pir's command and asked Pir how could it be of assistance.

304. Pir asked the sun to cook the meat for I and my partner are very hungry.

305. Pir held the meat towards the sun and the sun cooked the meat.

306. With the heat of the sun, the area around became very hot and the people became frightened that the Day of Judgement had come.

307. The king and his people became uncomfortable with the heat and begged for forgiveness, but nobody could get rid of the heat.

308. Nobody could come or go and everybody suffered. Nobody could find who had caused the sun (to get angry with them) and cause this discomfort.

309. When the meat had been cooked, the sun went back to its place and Pir asked the child where he wanted to go for he might be hungry.

310. The child replied: I'll follow you, my Lord, for I have accepted you and I want to know your teachings and I have one question.

311. You called the sun down to cook the meat and the heat made the area around it burn too.

312. Your power is great but these people do not recognize you.

313. The townsfolk all gathered together, amongst which were the Qazi (judge) and religious leaders and people who claim to be from the Prophet's lineage, etc.

314. They all bowed down to Pir's leg, men and women alike, and begged forgiveness for the injustice they had done to him.

315. The king and his train came down there too, and they likewise begged for forgiveness and asked their son to act as an intermediary to the Pir.

316. The prince, who was physically related to the king, had a stronger spiritual bond to the Pir. And the king asked the prince what the meaning of all this apparent miracle was.

317. The prince replied that both Pir and I have been hungry for the whole day.

318. The townsfolk would not give us any food and we went from door to door begging for it.

319. Finally Pir asked a butcher to give him some meat, but the butcher would not accept the money nor give the meat.

320. Later on, he took mercy and gave us some raw meat and there was no way of cooking it.

321. Thus we went without food for another day and there were only four hours to sunset. So the Satguru called upon the sun to come to his help and cook the meat.

322. The sun instantly obeyed Pir's command and cooked our meat for verily he (Pir) is a great being.

323. He has performed such a miracle, yet you townsfolk do not recognize his potential. He gave like to the dead and sailed in a paper boat.

324. He skinned himself and had the sun down, yet you did not grasp his meaning.

325. All this physical (material) miracles are not all, for there is a lot more spiritual aspect to it. You all saw his miracle and you know that he is a great being.

326. Thus, O my mother, father, and the townsfolk, I request you to fall down to this Guru's feet and understand and follow his teachings.

327. Upon hearing the prince's explanation, the king and his train all fell down to the Guru's feet, and requested Pir to come back to the palace.

328. Pir replied that "I don't think I would like to go back for I have to be on my way and I'll sail in my boat."

329. The king sought the prince's help to persuade the Pir to come to his palace.

330. Amongst the people waiting for Pir's answer were the king and his kingdom, people who claimed to be sent from the Prophet, and Bahauddin's sons.

331. Bahauddin was standing in his balcony and thinking that: "In all my life, I have never come across an entity like this man".

332. He came down from his building to the place where all the people had gathered and fell down to Pir Shams' feet.

333. Then everybody asked Pir to forgive them their sins and not to be angry with them.

334. Pir replied: I came to your town as a stranger in a boat and I did not wish anybody any ill.

335. You were the ones who begged me to give life to the dead boy.

336. And when I woke the prince, you folks doubted me and barred me from your city and food.

337. You wanted to skin me and your announcement implied that I should go hungry.

338. The whole day had passed and I suffered hunger, yet you did not have mercy.

339. Finally a butcher gave me one and a quarter pounds of raw meat for which I had to look for fire to cook it.

340. (Since I could not get fire) I called the sun to come and help me and it cooked my meat. Now I have to sail away.

341. The king then replied: O Satguru, show us the right path so that we may achieve salvation.

342. You are the Guru and we are your slaves; show us mercy; be like our mother and father, forgive us our sins for we are sinful.

343. We are very sinful so be our Guide. We are glad that you came to our city for I feel you will be our cause of salvation.

344. O Guru, give us the right religion and come with us to our palace, please don't be angry with us anymore.

345. Pir Shams replied: The religion that I teach is very difficult, and you will have to go through a great discipline.

346. The king and the townsfolk agreed to follow the discipline and agreed to obey everything Satgur would tell them.

347. The Satguru finally consented to go the palace and he dined with the king.

348. When Satgur went to bed at the king's palace, the sun and the moon came down to the Pir and requested the Pir:

349. O Pir, we are at your command and we are your slaves. You will be the cause of our salvation.

350. Those souls who have recognized the true path go to Heaven, amongst which were the king and the queen for they finally knew who Satgur was.

351. At midnight, Pir performed a spectacular miracle in which the sun and the moon shone together.

352. It seemed that both the sun and moon seemed to be listening to Pir's teaching and gladly acknowledging Pir.

353. The sun asked Pir to command him for he said darkness has disappeared now that I am here.

354. So Pir commanded the sun and moon to go back to their places and to follow the teachings of the scriptures for it is easy to get lost in the material world.

355. The king and queen accepted the Satpanth through the Satguru.

356. The whole kingdom, and the king bowed down to the Pir and began to love Pir. The Pir in turn preached to them and accepted them as his followers.

357. He showed them the secrets of Satpanth. The king, queen and their prince thus became enlightened.

358. The prince was none other than the one Pir had give life to and thus all three were included in his teachings.

359. Satgur told them that if you want to be my true followers, you should follow my teachings for if you do, your salvation will be ensured.

360. If you remain true to Satgur's teaching, pay Dasond from your earnings and the one-fortieth of your earning should go to the Pir.

361. Those who give Dasond regularly and sincerely, will have no difficulties at the last moment and they will achieve salvation.

362. Thus Pir introduced the townsfolk to Hazar Imam, Shah Qasim Shah, and taught them to accept Him as Allah and not to doubt that.

363. He warned them that those who will not accept Him as Allah will not understand the gist of Satpanth. All his deeds will be of no avail for he will not have recognized God Manifest.

364. The Creator of this universe is Him (Shah Qasim Shah) and how can I describe His attributes. He is the Beginning and He is the End and He has come in different eras and different forms.

365. So follow that religion so that you don't have to go through any further evolution and utilize this era (Kaljoog) as the era where you could achieve salvation.

366. The Kaljoog is a difficult time for in this era, dishonesty, backbiting and ill-feelings will prevail. The environment will be very unconducive for the Momins for all this sinful atmosphere will be around them.

367. Many a religious person will go astray and it will seem that they have lost His blessings and the whole existence will seem to be shaking.

368. When the above happens, people will have doubts in their hearts and these doubts will be their downfall.

369. It will seem that the world will exist without a spiritual guide and no-one will know how to follow the right path. People will have forgotten the Imam of the Time and the scriptures.

370. Three scriptures in three eras have prevailed and in this fourth and present era, Momins, think where is your scripture now.

371. Those people who will ignore (religion) will carry a heavy burden on their head and will never have peace of mind just as Vickram didn't have peace.

372. Those people who instead of following the religion will argue against it and will do what they will, will never have kindness in their hearts and will go astray.

373. Those who are not Farman-Bardari and would succumb to their five vices will not achieve the right Guru and they have lost their human existence.

374. Those who will not give alms to the right quarters and will associate themselves in the wrong company, will not be amongst the chosen by the Satguru.

375. Those who will not give alms to the right quarters and will be shrewd and "clever", these are the people who have not achieved the right teachings and they have wasted their lives.

376. To those whom Pir has introduced the present Imam and those who have accepted the religion secretly and are constantly thinking of Pir's teaching (are the ones who will achieve salvation).

377. To these Momins Satguru (Pir) has shown the Manifest Imam so they have no excuse to forget Him for if they do, verily, they will not progress at all.

378. Momins, these are the things that I tell you and I request you to think over them for the lures of the material world are many and it's difficult not to be distracted by them.

379. Those who will beware and detach themselves from the worldly going-ons, will observe Dasond and their religious duties, and recognize the Imam of the Time,

380. These people will get to be chosen to go to Pir's abode; the environment around them will not matter for they will have understood that all the worldly attachments are not lasting.

381. This is what Pir told the people of Uch and showed them the secrets of Satpanth and Momins, you should think over it too.

382. Pir Nasiruddin was Pir Shams' son and he had preached religion to many a soul and he lived in Uch.

383. Pir Nasiruddin was from the Prophet's lineage and Pir Sahebdin's was from his (....? check) and he followed the teachings of his ancestors.

384. It was from Pir Sahebdin's lineage that Pir Sadardin, who was the cause of salvation for 12 Karor souls and who had got this title from Shri Islam Shah, when he got Noorani Didar.

385. Pir Nasiruddin served that Lord and recognized Him as God Manifest. He had served Him in each era and had recognized Him as God Manifest in all eras.

386. The Pir loved the Imam and served Him devotedly. Thus Shri Islam Shah blessed him.

387. The Pir meditated in eighty-four different positions and loved the Lord implicitly. In each position, his meditation was like a vigil and he begged and beseeched the Lord incessantly.

388. For thirty-six eras and eighty-four "times", Pir meditated and in each meditation, there were countless disciplines which I cannot enumerate to you.

389. Eight Lakh saints (people) meditated before the Pir in four eras and the four eras before that. They all recognized God Manifest in Ali and they were prophets of their times.

390. Thus God has come in many forms since the time of creation so recognize Him in Ali as was done by Prophet Muhammed.

391. Recognize Ali by Name and by His Being; serve Him in everything you do for the whole existence is already meditating on His Name.

392. Ali's proof is in everything around you. It is due to Him that the earth and the sky are sustained, nay, the whole universe is sustained.

393. That Ali is now Shri Islam Shah and that Prophet is now Pir Sadardin, who has served God Manifest in every form (Avtar).

394. That God Manifest I have achieved and recognized Him. Momins, I am sharing my knowledge with you.

395. That Lord in Shri Islam Shah that I have recognized and it is on His Farman that I preach to you. He has showered His blessings on 36 Karor people and they have achieved salvation.

396. Upon His Farman Pir came to you in this present era - for Shri Islam Shah's Farman is command - and 36 Karor souls were shown the right path by Pir.

397. He gave them a way of life and a religion. Both to men and women he revealed the God Manifest and told them to be honest in their dealings.

398. He instructed them not to cheat and not to backbite for that hinders your progress. Be like saints and truthful, then you will achieve salvation.

399. The Satgur from whom you have learnt about this religion, pay heed to what he has to say and I am none other than that Satgur and verily our Lord is the maintainer of all beings.

400. The Lord whose service that I have shown you is the maintainer of all beings and He is Shri Islam Shah, who now resides in Iraq.

401. Momins, sit in His prayers and I have dedicated my life in India in His prayer; follow His Farmans and earn an honest living.

402. When you go back to your homes or hometowns, be always true in your dealings; always set aside Dasond from your earnings and make sure you do this regularly.

403. Kindle the love and serve with love; destroy the doubts that arise in your mind; always observe the Dasond and pay it to Ali's progeny.

404. Give Dasond to Shri Islam Shah, who is the present Manifest God, a fortieth to the Pir and always be true in your dealings.

405. Meet in Jamatkhana regularly and discuss the religion with the elders of the Jamat for that will help you get rid of your sins and with that religious "business" you will able to get rid of the worldly worries.

406. Fold your hands before the Mukhi and do the Du'a ceremony; you may give a token coin as a sign of devotion and always observe Dasond and conduct a (spiritual) business with Ali.

407. Never miss going to Jamatkhana and make that your habit. Disclose your troubles to Ali and conduct business with Ali.

408. Ali has created such an environment for you that he had indeed nominated (blessed) 36 Karor souls and He has manifested Himself as Shri Islam Shah. Of the 36 Karor blessed, 12 Karor will achieve salvation.

409. These 12 Karor are the ones who knew their religion and the Imam of the Time; they were regular in their religious duties and thus they achieved Noorani Didar.

410. The rest 24 Karor have been shaking their heads and have not maintained their link with Ali; thus they were separated form the blessed 12 Karor and have gone astray.

411. They shook their heads because of Dasond and their worldly attachments; they were not regular in their duties and they did not accept the present Imam.

412. So Momins, don't delay giving Dasond for it is through this that you show your devotion to Ali; pay your Dasond to Ali and never doubt Him.

413. Do not procrastinate in giving Dasond for that will involve your soul more in worldly affairs and you will be like the 24 Karor who got involved with material things in life.

414. These 24 Karor did not walk the path that leads to Ali. They did not get any Sawab for their generosity or good deeds or religious observances and it is for that reason, I tell you, O Momins, that think on what Ali says to you.

415. The people who do not beware in this era will not evolve spiritually and will be like those 24 Karor who were not blessed and did not find a place near Ali's feet.

416. These twenty-four Karor spoke ill of Ali and went astray and were thus separated from the 36 Karor for they did not recognize the present Imam.

417. The Pir preached to all the 36 Karor but they did not follow his teachings and upon Shri Islam Shah's Farman (blessing), the 12 Karor were accepted by Him.

418. They (12 Karor) incorporated the Farmans as part and parcel of their body; all the commands made by the Lord are always fulfilled and cannot be changed at our will.

419. Those people who doubt His Farmans and who do not recognize their Lord are like the ones who have capsized from a boat in the middle of the ocean and to them the bank is not in sight.

420. The material life is like a deep ocean which is full of false promises and misguided desires. Those who will sink in that ocean, their boats will never reach the bank.

421. It is ourselves that cause our boats to sink for not taking Guru as your Guide and getting involved in the wrong involvement.

422. Those who have aimed low and given way to their base instinct, find their mind wandering and their boat capsizing.

423. Those who do not follow Satgur's teaching and have a wrong captain to guide their boat are like people in a ship of fools with a very heavy cargo.

424. Amongst this "misguided" boat, also included is the boat composed of Asti (pseudo-pious) people. They give alms to deceitful gurus and they never reach the bank.

425. The way this above boat sails is as if it is caught in a storm of misdeeds, that causes the boat to capsize and people to go astray.

426. These people miss the gist of Imam's Farmans and are like the 24 karor who went astray.

427. Those who have second doubts whilst giving Dasond and get attached to their worldly possessions, find themselves in the company of untrue gurus who don't even know how to correct their own wrongs.

428. A non-divine guru like that cannot lead you to salvation for he believes in evil spirits and his thinking is very material and misguided.

429. All the other religions will lead you to heaven but it is only Satpanth that will lead you to the eternal heaven (Amrapuri).

430. The 12 Karor who achieved salvation were true Dasondi and they never ate before paying Dasond.

431. They obeyed Imam's Farmans and recognized Him as God Manifest. The present Imam blessed them and they never looked elsewhere for guidance.

432. They followed Satpanth and loved Pir Sadardin and thus completed 84 evolutions of their soul.

433. The true boat is of the Satgur and great is its Captain - Shri Islam Shah - and Pir Sadardin is the shipmate.

434. The way this boat sails is by good deeds and the Lord of the boat is the right knowledge of the self and the religion.

435. The boat sails smoothly aided by a breeze composed of inspired thoughts and recognition of Nabi and his progeny.

436. Pir Sadardin is like Brahma and he has helped them cross the river to the other bank and meet Shri Islam Shah there for Pir Sadardin is the right Captain.

437. Shri Islam Shah has saved that in this era by manifesting Himself and has blessed the 12 Karor who Pir Sadardin brought with him in the boat.

438. Pir Hasan Kabirdin followed Pir Sadardin and he was his son. He has served our Lord as a wife would serve a husband.

439. He humbled himself like a wife and recognized his Lord. He never had any other thought in his mind and meditated on His Name to achieve Him.

440. Shri Islam Shah recognized Pir Hasan Kabirdin's service; He loved him and showered His blessings on him.

441. The Lord was Merciful to His servant who had served Him as well as showered His blessings on him.

442. His service was recognized for he (Pir Hasan Kabirdin) had recognized Ali in each era and followed Ali's Farman; and Ali in turn loved him.

443. He meditated endlessly, beseeched the Lord incessantly and recognized the Manifest Imam.

444. To Pir Hasan Kabirdin, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvar are all one and Vishnu is supposed to be the Creator.

445. It was for His service that Vishnu created Brahma and Maheshvar from His Noor and sent them to this earth.

446. He told Brahma to go down to the earth and make people realize His existence and this mission has been going on for countless eras.

447. In the present era that Guru has come as Nabi Muhammed (Brahma) and do recognize him as the True Guru. Pir Hasan Kabirdin and Pir Sadardin are from his lineage.

448. This Gur (Prophet) and Satguru (Pir) have helped many a soul achieve salvation. They have served the Lord and have recognized God Manifest in the Imam.

449. That God Manifest has come to this world and is now residing in Milcha, verily He is Ali so do not doubt that.

450. Accept Ali as Allah for Pir has served Him in many eras. In the present he serves Shri Islam Shah and resides in Kehek.

451. The Imam called Satgur with love and looked after him. The Satguru who is Brahma's Avtar, is Pir Hasan Kabirdin who resided in Uch.

452. Pir Hasan recognized Ali and accepted Him as his Lord, served and meditated to achieve Shri Islam Shah's blessings and love.

453. Pir left Uch to go and meet Imam physically for he could not contain himself any longer.

454. On his journey he thought: "What shall I take as a present for my Lord?"

455. He kept thinking: "How can I please my Lord? Let me make something with my own hands for His love is haunting me."

456. When Pir came to a cotton field he processed cotton into threads.

457. He weaved the thread into a very fine cloth and made a Pagdi (head-dress).

458. The whole Pagdi was weaved by Pir himself and was 500 yards long and on each yard he wrote a Venti (prayer).

459. After he had prepared the Pagdi he made nine tussles and during making them he composed nine more prayers.

460. Pir Sadardin's prayers and beseechings were tremendous. He called himself a female and humbled himself so that he would never experience pride.

461. He thus won Shri Islam Shah's heart just as Brahma had won (Vishnu's heart); Ali was beneficent to him and called him to his abode.

462. Pir Hasan Kabirdin reached Imam's Darbar and saw the God Manifest. He immersed himself in Imam's Noor and accepted Him as his Lord.

463. Ali called him the True Guru and showered His love on him, whereupon Pir Hasan Kabirdin said a prayer:

464. O Ali, I have come to you as a woman who has a heavy vessel full of water on her head. Only you can give all my sins and convert me from a fallen woman to a bride.

465. O My Lord! I am but a woman and you are my Lord, nay, indeed, I am your slave and you are none other than Ali. This little present that I have brought for you, do accept it.

466. I have accepted you as my Lord forever, yet I am very sinful, so I have come to your feet and only you can forgive my sins.

467. Pir Hasan Kabirdin continued begging and beseeching the Imam with his head held low and presented the Pagdi which he had prepared during his journey.

468. The Imam (Lord) took one end of the Pagdi and began to tie it over His head and He was very pleased with Pir Hasan Kabirdin.

469. The Lord said: Listen, My dear Pir, the head-dress that you have brought for Me is indeed very precious and dear to Me.

470. Pir replied: You are my Lord and I am your slave. I am full of sins and you are the One who can forgive them.

471. Please never be angry with me for indeed I am sinful. I have made this head-dress for You and have beseeched You while making the nine tassels.

472. The Imam was very happy with Pir Hasan Kabirdin and asked him to ask for whatever he wished, He continued: Your Avtar is indeed great.

473. (The Imam further said:) Your body and Mine are one - there is no difference in that - I am indeed very happy with your service.

474. Thus the Imam of the Time was Merciful to Pir Hasan Kabirdin and granted his (Pir's) desires for indeed He was in a beneficent mood.

475. Pir Hasan Kabirdin replied: O my Lord, the Creator, I have achieved everything in Your pleasure and getting Your Didar.

476. O Lord, You accepted me at Your feet and have counted me amongst Your slaves.

477. How can a slave think of asking anything - continued Pir Hasan Kabirdin - by looking towards me You have indeed given me everything.

478. You are my Mother and my Father, and my family. You are my Lord, I am Your slave and You are the Creator.

479. You have lifted me by my arm from a deep ocean, do not look at my sins for I am sinful.

480. I am indeed a fallen woman and I have brought my sins to your door but please ignore my sins and keep me at your door.

481. I am a sinful slave and I cannot force You to listen to me, but You are Merciful so forgive my sins (and grant me salvation).

482. I have come at Ali's door, where all souls achieve salvation. The souls which are sinful and the souls that have not made any advancement have received Your Mercy; So Allah included me amongst those.

483. O Ali, I have too many vices and indeed I am lower than even the sand we walk on, but please do not be angry with me and be my Lord.

484. The Lord (Shri Islam Shah) was Merciful and replied that: You will be the cause of salvation of an infinite number of souls, O My Pir Hasan Kabirdin.

485. I have given you responsibility of infinite souls; Go back and preach to them the right religion and come back to Me with those souls.

486. The souls that you bring with you will not have to go through the evolution for, because of you, I will forgive them. However, you will have their responsibility.

487. Pir Hasan Kabirdin fell to Imam's feet and wept with joy and said: I am indeed very happy, my Lord, but what can an incomplete human being like me do?

488. How will I be able to take the infinite souls with me, so be kind to me, forgive my sins, for You are the Forgiver of sins.

489. The responsibility You have given me is indeed grave. Will I be able to fulfil it? Be kind to me, O Lord, and share my load of the souls that are in the Kaljoog.

490. The Imam then lifted Pir Hasan Kabirdin's head from His feet. Pir continued to beseech Him for His help in completing his mission of being the cause of salvation for an infinite number of souls.

491. Amongst those who will achieve salvation will be those who will know the Imam of the Time and will accept your teachings.

492. You are the right Guru and incarnate of Brahma. I am Vishnu, the Creator and we have both come in this Kaljoog.

493. Those who will recognize the Living Imam and who will follow your teachings will come with you. Saying thus, the Imam lifted Pir's head from His feet and was pleased with the Pir.

494. Whereupon the Pir said: O Lord, you have lifted my head on which rested the load of three Joogs. How can an insignificant person like me (ant) survive without you?

495. I have no power to carry this load of three Joogs for I am sinful and not regular as I should be.

496. The responsibility for infinite souls that You have given me is difficult to fulfil in this Kaljoog for how many will follow my teaching and how many will be willing to sacrifice?

497. How many will recognize You as the Imam and how many will pay heed to my Ginans? How many will fulfil their obligations and how many will refrain from backbiting and cheating?

498. The souls that have achieved salvation in Kaljoog were the ones who followed the teachings of my ancestors. Who is left now that You have entrusted me with their responsibility.

499. I am sinful and I won't be able to fulfil that responsibility. The people of the Kaljoog will lack concentration and it will be a difficult task.

500. The Kaljoog is full of deceit and full of untrue people so why send me amongst them for it will be difficult for me to cross that era.

501. The people who are not regular in their duties stay here and the true have no difficulty in crossing the path. Those who are unkind will not understand the teaching.

502. Those who are involved in material world and neglect their religious obligations will not achieve religious advancement for they will be lost in their backbiting and in their falsehood.

503. It will be as if 19 1/2 portions would be sin and 1/2 portion true. Thus will be Kaljoog and only a few will be true believers.

504. Everyone seems to be involved in a life full of deceit; false appearances and false food (food where no Dasond has been paid) and it seems as if a Majlis is being conducted where false desire takes precedence.

505. There will be talk against religion and people's action will be material What will my soul think of religion then? For even whilst speaking the truth, one could get proud.

506. O Ali, such is Kaljoog and You have entrusted their responsibility to me. People have succumbed to their vices and they believe in evil spirits.

507. Then there will be those who will worship the evil spirit and will not understand the Right Guru, but amongst these, on whom You will be Merciful, they will find the right path.

508. The Imam then comforted Pir Hasan Kabirdin and said: Don't you worry, I will recognize those souls who are true and will help you carry out your responsibility.

509. Those who will worship in such difficult times and will think about the Satpanth day and night will find it.

510. These souls will achieve a place near your feet and they will come to your gathering and they will recognize the Truth and thus achieve the meaning of religion.

511. Those who constantly worry about their souls will find the True Religion.

512. Their earnings will be true and they will refrain from backbiting and they will remain above Kaljoog.

513. Kaljoog will indeed be difficult for everything will be so base and untrue; yet the true believers will beware and will come to Satpanth.

514. These believers will go to Jamatkhana; they will ignore their unhappiness and happiness and will take them in their stride just as they will take their food and drink (for physical life).

515. It will appear that the true believers will have difficult times but they will still recognize the true from the false and will never place their hopes on others.

516. These souls will not associate with the misguided people, will not meddle in other people's affairs, and will concentrate on and excel in their own business.

517. Those souls whose business will be religion and who will think of the Lord at every breath will be the ones who will give Dasond to the Imam of the Time.

518. These people will not think ill of others and their only purpose will be to associate themselves with the Imam; others, however, will speak ill of them.

519. A true believer will help seven generations to achieve salvation.

520. Those who will sacrifice in Satpanth, will find that for each sacrifice they will be rewarded 1 1/4 million times.

521. Those souls who will give their alms to the Right Guru and will never forget their Dasond will be rewarded plenty for indeed for each atom of sacrifice, the reward is 1 1/4 million times.

522. When these souls reach Heaven (Amrapuri) they will find that their houses will be made of golden bricks studded with diamonds and the beams will be made of sweet-smelling wood and the mud will be composed of Kasturi (precious perfume).

523. Fifty angels will quench these people's thirst and one of them will marry him/her and they'll beget 500 sons, all of whom will be true Farman-Bardari Momins.

524. 500 slaves will serve that Momin and will be at his command and indeed that soul will be soaring high.

525. The ones that will recognize you and I are the ones who will get this eternal bliss, but they will have to stay true in their religious obligations and not succumb to the Kaljoog.

526. These souls who are true in their duties will not have further attachments if they also recognize you and the Imam of the Time.

527. I will give them such eternal bliss and prosperity and I will also give them Noorani Didar when their time is up. Those who do not want this happiness have no business with us.

528. Those who give alms to the Right Guru will achieve 21 heavens which are in the Mayer Mountains.

529. Those who will achieve those heavens will also be those who have given alms elsewhere; however, once they have had the happiness of this heaven, then they will come back to this world.

530. Everybody will be judged according to their deeds and their evolvement through 84 Lakh stages will be accordingly. The suffering will never cease either.

531. The evolvement will also involve going through the four Joogs and in each Joog they will go 21 Lakh times.

532. Even the beseeching by these souls in the four Joogs and asking for forgiveness by the souls will be meaningless if they do so without recognizing the Imam.

533. Pir Hasan Kabirdin asked the Imam: Who will be those souls? For indeed I am sinful and You are Merciful.

534. Saying thus, Pir Hasan Kabirdin began to tremble and started praying: O Lord, how will this infinite souls finish their purpose in Kaljoog for it is a difficult era to pass through?

535. Those souls who come through the 84 Lakh evolvements, are they not the ones, O Ali, who have been created by You for You are the Creator?

536. You are our Mother and Father and we are children and indeed we have no other real families, so don't look at our shortcomings and treat us like Your children.

537. You are the Creator, You are my Mother, Father, Friend, and You are my Family, and my Tribe, and there is nothing without You.

538. With Your blessings, O Alim, we will achieve salvation; please look at our faces, and not at our sins.

539. The Hindus and the Muslims are created by You and You sustain them.

540. It is with Your Mercy that all the souls who have been sustained by You, will achieve salvation.

541. You are my Lord and I am Your slave; if I have You, then I am like a woman with a husband; without You, I shall remain a widow forever.

542. The highest Guru (Pir) is that who has high religious aspirations. He is humble and sacrificing and refrains from backbiting and going the misguided path.

543. Humility and sacrifice endears everybody. With these virtues one can wean any tribe and one gets no difficulties in this world.

544. People who talk sweetly (tactfully) and who are religious in their dealings will never be misguided by the world and the Creator will be pleased with them.

545. Those souls who are contented, quiet and tolerant and those who are not proud, consider them amongst the highest and they can be the cause of salvation for their whole family.

546. These souls have fulfilled their duties and have loved the religious path. Their hearts never sway and they will cross Kaljoog effortlessly.

547. It is people like these I (Pir) will befriend and will give them bliss if they recognize the Imam of the Time.

548. Those who will be irregular in their duties and lead a sinful existence, will not only sink themselves but will drown the people around them.

549. People like these are cheats and backbiters who can never recognize religion and live in an eternal hell.

550. They will argue against religion and waste their life; not only will they miss their chance, but will prevent people around them from being regular in their duties.

551. These people are indeed taking the burden off the people around them by preventing them from performing their religious duties and when their time will come, then their soul will undergo tortures.

552. They will go through the Day of Judgement at their deathbed and their souls will scream in anguish, but none of their family members will be able to help them.

553. Everyone is for himself for no-one will want to share the anguish.

554. People who are selfish will have difficulty in later life. They will need True Guru to guide them, otherwise they will go astray.

555. These people will be our religious enemies, but no-one in turn will befriend them (This is what I tell you, Pir Hasan Kabirdin).

556. Guru's enemies are the ones who are sinful and cruel.

557. These people will commit lots of crimes, will drown their family in sorrow for they will not recognize the Imam of the Time.

558. Those who will not think enough of the Imam and doubt Him, and question: How can a human being be a Creator?

559. They will also question: Why would God need Dasond and will quibble that He should be giving it to us (Roji and He would have no want).

560. People who think like this will have no peace, the world will sound sweet to them and pride will take over their existence.

561. Those who will not know the True Religion will not recognize the Living Imam and they will have lost their Avtar.

562. Our spiritual evolvement as a human being is indeed the highest; It is through 84 Lakh evolvements that we have got there and this chance will not come again.

563. There are eight types of human evolvement that one goes through and good deeds lead you higher. It is during this eight evolvements that you should recognize the Imam or else you will not achieve salvation.

564. Everybody around you will be deceitful and will backbite at prayer times. Thus prayers will not uplift these people.

565. Those who do not know the Guru will not achieve prosperity; those whose previous deeds were not good, failed to recognize the Imam.

566. Human Avtar is indeed precious (?) (check) for God has manifested in this Avtar, and the unbelieving world doesn't know that.

567. The birds and the animals on this earth have achieved their own evolvement through their own deeds - those who do not know how to eat or drink right, how can they achieve salvation.

568. Pir Hasan Kabirdin, you go and preach to the infinite number of souls and amongst these those who recognize Me will be the ones who will achieve salvation.

569. Pir Hasan Kabirdin replied: Without You, O Imam, I cannot preach, for Kaljoog is a difficult era.

570. Ali in His Mercy replied: Do not worry, My Pir, for you and I are one.

571. Infinite souls have been blessed because of you, of which 48 Karor will come to My door, led by you; Indeed you are a good man. When the (final) Great Day arrives, Pir and Prophet will be the leaders and I will be there in Arabic (human) Avtar and judgement will (..... check).

572. Even the Pirs and the Prophets will be worried and it is with your help they will achieve salvation.

573. It is through your prayers that the Pirs and Prophets will achieve salvation on that Day.

574. With that promise Pir Hasan Kabirdin started preaching in this world and he started in Uch.

575. He went there and told people about Imam's Farmans and preached about what he saw at Hazar Imam's Darbar.

576. Ali has revealed Himself to me and I have accepted Him as my Lord just like many others who have accepted Him as their Lord.

577. I have met that Creator, Whose creation is infinite, and if you forget Him, then you have forgotten everything.

578. So serve that Lord without a doubt for the One I have seen has really created the whole universe.

579. He has forgiven my sins and crowned me with a responsibility of infinite souls; this is my purpose which He in His Mercy has shown me.

580. I tell you Ali's Farman as I have heard them and following His Farman will lead to salvation.

581. The first advice I have is: Accept Ali as the Creator for indeed He is my everything.

582. Go Pir Hasan Kabirdin (says Imam Shah) and tell people about the 5, 7, 9 and 12 Karor infinite souls that have achieved salvation.

583. Tell them about the infinite souls for which you are responsible, and the 48 Karor who are close to Ali. So those people who will follow the right path will be saved by Ali.

584. Momins, follow the Satpanth for your salvation for the ten Avtars are over and there won't be an eleventh.

585. The last era is Kaljoog and those who recognize Him will get salvation. Those who do not will not attain eternal bliss.

586. Do you know who our Creator is? I will tell you: it is Shri Islam Shah who is now in human form.

587. People don't recognize His form and will not obey His Farmans.

588. I, however, believe in Him implicitly as the Creator for I have seen the Noor in Shri Islam Shah.

589. Those who will believe me and accept Shri Islam Shah without a doubt as the Creator will not go astray.

590. My Lord resides (secretly) in the West continent - Iraq - He is the Living Imam and Ali Himself.

591. Give your Dasond to Him or else you won't achieve enlightenment; accept all the other religions and do not degrade them.

592. Earn an honest living, practise your Isme-Azam and recognize the God Manifest.

593. There is no salvation without recognizing the Imam of the Time, Shri Islam Shah; and those who will recognize Him will be amongst the infinite Karor to achieve salvation.

594. He is the One who will grant salvation and manifested Himself; yet in this Kaljoog there will be many who will talk against Him.

595. They will argue that how can a human being be the Creator and they will go and tell this to everybody they meet and lost their peace of mind.

596. These people will be sinking and will drown others with them for they will misinterpret what Imam tells them.

597. They will be against the Pir but it is because they have not evolved enough to recognize the God Manifest.

598. The world will be full of cheats and will follow other religions blindly. These religions were relevant in the last three Joogs.

599. Those souls who are involved in materialism and who are selfish, how can they guide others?

600. People will be so blind that they will sweet-talk others into believing in them and they will not recognize their True Religion.

601. Those who will be led astray by these people will stop respecting the Imam and in turn will not achieve anything from Imam.

602. When the world will be full of misguided souls and of people who will cease to believe in religion, then Imam Mahdi will declare Himself.

603. It is during these times that those Momins who will beware and will love and adhere to Satpanth, they will also avoid listening to people's faults and backbiting.

604. Those who will earn an honest living and will pay Dasond will be amongst the souls (saved by Pir Hasan Kabirdin).

605. Momins, do not be lured by the materialism around you. Ali and the Prophet are (Manifestation of Divine Light) so recognize them thus you may achieve salvation.

606. Shri Islam Shah is Ali, and Pir Hasan Kabirdin is Prophet and those who do not believe this have wasted their human Avtar.

607. Momins, aim for that religion and serve Him, the One who has been shown to you by Pir Hasan Kabirdin.

608. Not acknowledging Pir Hasan Kabirdin's teaching is like not acknowledging life and if you do acknowledge, then your happiness will be infinite. All the other Gurus will not lead you to the Right Path so think carefully before you follow them.

609. My Imam is Shri Islam Shah who is the Creator and having recognized Him, I have introduced Him to you for ultimately we will all go to Him.

610. By trying to inflict worldly sorrow on our Imam, we are in reality inflicting sorrow on ourselves, so I request you, Momins, to stay at Imam's feet and obey His Farmans.

611. Serve Ali with implicit faith - who is Shri Islam Shah - He has saved infinite souls and will indeed save us.

612. If you leave Him and go to serve others, you will lose all that you have achieved and the misguided Gurus will misguide you.

613. On the Day of Judgement you will not find that misguided Guru and you won't be in a position to recognize the Imam of the Time.

614. Those who will be regular in their religious duties will achieve Heaven and will be helped by my Lord.

615. On that final Day, there will be many trials and tribulations and those who will have followed the wrong Guru will suffer a lot.

616. Sitting at the Throne will be the present Imam - Ali the Creator - and those who have recognized Him in an Arab Avtar will find Him.

617. The earth will tremble and the heavens will thunder - even the Pirs and Prophets will be afraid for everyone will be judged according to their achievement.

618. The good will be separated from the sinful souls and you will be questioned about your achievements.

619. Happy will be the souls who have had Ali's Didar - don't stop serving Him for He will grant you the ultimate kingdom.

620. Do not look at what Ali does, but obey what He says, for as the times will change, Ali's actions may be beyond your comprehension.

621. Momins, if you do not think about what I have told you, then Pir Hasan Kabirdin will not take your responsibility and you will not achieve Heaven.

622. Despite listening to my preaching, if you still deny the existence of Living Imam, then you will be amongst the 45 Karor misguided whom Pir Hasan Kabirdin will not take with him.

623. These 45 Karor are the ones who have turned a deaf ear to our teachings, deny Ali's existence and have not paid their Dasond.

624. Those who have doubted Ali by looking at His actions are foolish because they have considered Him as their equal.

625. I congratulate all those souls who have acknowledged Ali and heeded Pir Hasan Kabirdin's teaching.

626. It is great to have the True Guru and his progeny guide us for in present times, Imam Shah is from Pir Hasan Kabirdin's lineage.

627. Consider their teachings as the Truth and those who will doubt this have indeed wasted all their achievements.

628. It is auspicious to have had Pir Sadardin and his son, Pir Hasan Kabirdin and now his son Imam Shah to preach to us in musical form.

629. This Ginan has been composed by Imam Shah and I called it the warning which I hope you will think about.

630. Momins, you and I are Imam's slaves and His Beneficence is infinite. I tell you what I feel, for to Him we will return.