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In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate!

Praise be to God whose names (i.e. attributes) are manifest while their real nature (ma'ni) is hidden from us. They reveal themselves in creation, while remaining (directly) inaccessible to perception by the (human) senses. He, God, is nearer to us when we realize His might, reflecting over our own helplesness, but become remote from us when we want to penetrate (the mystery of) His being a Creator through (what we know of) His creation. He is the Lord to whom applies neither anything applicable to material bodies, nor anything that may be predicated of spirits. Everything (in the world) is His creation, and He, in His oneness (yakiy-i khwish), is above the categories of when, how and how much. Thanks be to Him for the benefit (ni'mat) which He has bestowed upon us by having sent His chosen Prophet to awaken us from the sleep of ignorance, in order that we might recognize the greatness of His bounty (minnat). It was shown to us in His having, by His generosity and exaltedness, brought us from non-existence into being, and opened to us the door to eternal life by His recognition (shinakht-i khwish). Also for His having generously given us, in His might, all that He had created in (His act of) the creation. For His having shown to us the way of seeking for it (i.e. recognition of God)) through association [2] with His Chosen ones. And foe His having enables us to receive that blissful and eternal gift, and to find a place in the abode of eternity by (His) wisdom (hikmat). Thanks be to Him, such thanks are worthy of the grace which He has bestowed (upon us)! May He protect us against the intrigues of devilish people, scheming antichrists!

Glory be to the protector of protectors, that light of the souls of the obedient slaves of God, the guide of those who have strayed from the right path, the Apostle of God to humanity and the Jinns, Muhammad Mustafa, -peace be upon him! And, after him, upon the Commander of the Faithful (Amiru'l-mu'minin), the one who subdued tyrants, the one who was the ascetic amongst ascetics, the devotee amongst devotees, the mihrab of the righteous and the qibla of those who recite the prayers of the Truth (namaz-guzaran-i Haqiqat), Ali Murtada! And upon their descendants who are the leaders of humanity, the interpreters of the Book of God, the trustees of the Wisdom of guidance and truth (ilm-i huda wa sidq), the Imams in both worlds and the lieutenants of God (khalifatan-i Khuday). May continuous praise to them remain to the end of times, so long as the skies are rotating, so long as the elements support the continuation of life. And spheres by their movement measure absolute eternity!