By Sa'yyid Imm-Shh.1 1. O, brothers ! Imam shah has said these gnans . And what are his sayings? The Light of eternal life ! When shares (in inheritance) were being distributed (by his father), he, Imam shah, happened to be absent (and nothing was given to him).

2. Listen, this happened in the year of Savant 1575 the month of Kartik, on the 17th day,2 that Pir Hasan Kabir ud din emptied his earthly dress of flesh.3

3. He died at Onch 4 early in the morning, and the Gor Nr' s funeral procession was taken to the burial ground.

4. Imam shah, hearing of this, hurried thither, overtook the procession, and reached the janza (bier) . He stopped it and addressed the corpse, saying : "Dear father, thou hast not left me my share in inheritance."

5. His brothers and other participants in the procession thought that he had turned insane, making himself so ridiculous. Some began to laugh at him.

6. The Seven Wise men of Onch, and numerous spectators covered their faces with handkerchiefs to conceal smiles. (Many) laughed so much that their very bones began to ache.

7. Some people addressed Imam shah, saying: "Thy business is, no doubt, important, but it is not an appropriate time for it. The time is ripe to pay the bill, not to present a demand for a benefit."

8. Time passed in altercations; nearly three hours passed in hot discussion. The people became hungry, being impatient over the hitch in the progress of the procession.

9. Then Imam shah turned towards the body of his father, asking him not to delay his answer, because people jeered at him and mocked him.

10. And behold ! there came out of the bier the hand of the deceased Gur! The crowd, struck with awe, stood motionless. The hand of the deceased handed a rosary to Imam shah.

11.While the hand was returning to its original position the, Imam shah, said: "I shall never part with this little inheritance, the rosary. But bestow upon me also something more."

12. Then the bier (sunduq) burst, so that the head of the deceased became visible, and, to the consternation of the crowd, the hand of the corpse took from its mouth a piece of sugar and handed it to Imam shah.

13. The whole crowd, seeing this, became filled with complete faith in Imam shah, trusting his rights, and the whole Jamat became his sincere followers.

14. The bier was then lifted and carried to the burial ground, the body of Pir Hasan Kabir ud din was buried. He thus left this world, returning to his original place, the True Source.

15. Women wept bitterly, and so did men also, members of the jamt , shedding tears. Returning from the cemetery, they asked Pir 5 Imam shah to sit and explain to them the mystery about his share of his father's inheritance.

16. Having completed forty days in mourning at Onch, Imam shah left for Sind.

17. There he came to the district of Jun, and went to the Jamt . He, the Gur-ji , honoured the jamt-khna by taking seat there.

18. In the evening, however, the local people came to the jamt-khna for prayers, and expelled him.

19. He remained in the village without food for full nine meal-times, fasting all the time. At the time of the tenth he walked away from the jamat-khna.

20. During these happenings he received three heavy blows on his sides with a stick, never complaining, however, and in his heart he did not feel himself offended.

21. Then the Guru addressed the Jamat of that place, saying: "Do not forget that I am a Sayyid, and give me some food for the sake of Pir Hasan Kabiru'd-dn.

22. The people of Jamat replied to him: "We do not consider thee as Pir Hasan Kabir ud din's successor, because he did not recognize thee as his successor and give thee thy share."

23. Whereupon the Pir (Imam shah) added, saying: "O brothers ! Listen to me: I have no claim on you. Why should you be so intolerant?"

24-25. Guru said: we proceeded further from that village. A Khoja, Premji by name, however, followed me and said to me: "Guru-ji, come to my house and have a meal. Then proceed further."

26. We (says Imam shah) broke our fast there. Premji bowed to me with respect. I took my meal there and then started on my journey, giving many blessings to him.

27. Then the Guru says: "We went away, and reached the place called Bhom.6 Arriving in that village, We wanted to visit the Shah's (i.e. Imam's) dargh.

28. Having spent 27 days there in complete fast, he went further to the West. He had no clothes to wear, travelling as a beggar.

29. It was the time when Nr-Shah(Imam) 7 reigned in Paacham-Desh (i.e. Western Country = Persia ?). Mukhi Ghulm 8 was his servant. The Guru went to-him, and asked him :

30. "Listen to me, to what I say, Mukhi I am a poor stranger. I shall be purified if I am allowed to have the Shah's didar (i.e. to pay personal homage to him).

31. Mukhi Ghulm, not recognizing him, thought that he really was an ordinary beggar. (Nevertheless) he, the Mukhi , went into the August Presence of the Shah.

32. With his hands folded, he most humbly reported to the Shah : "A poor stranger, looking like a beggar, has come, asking for the permission of your didar ."

33. There upon the Shah , laughing, said: "Mukhi. lend thy ears to what I say: that was a really great soul. Let him rest, accommodate him comfortably, and feed him well."

34. By this order the Mukhi returned to Imam shah, now paying him the respect that was due to him. Having made a scull-cap, the Mukhi went and sold it, bringing some food for the money realised from the sale. 9

35. He brought food, fruits and grapes (angur) , all the food that he could buy for his money, and Pir Imam shah partook of all this.

36. He, the Mukhi , most respectfully and kindly offered him, the Guru, food to eat, and the i>Guru ate enough of it. After the meal the Mukhi inquired from him, as to his own and his father's names.

37. Seeing his love; the Pir said: "I am a poor man who came for the didar , listen to me.

38. Even then Mukhi Ghulam failed to recognize who was before him, believing that it was an (ordinary) Khoja. For three days Pir Imam shah requested and beseeched him to take him for a didar.

39. On the third day the Guru said: "Listen to me, Mukhi we have come for a didar . Three days and three nights have already passed.

40. Go and ask (thy Master) on my behalf, conveying my request and prayer after due salutations. Beseech him on my behalf a thousand times, and convey to him the tidings that my name is Sayyid Imam shah.."

41. Then the Mukhi understood that he belonged to the family of the (late) Guru-ji . He behaved most obediently and reverently, treating his guest with honour.

42. He went (to the Shah ) and beseeched him on Imam shah's behalf, saying that he had brought a request (for a didar ) from Sayyid Imam shah. "Grant him thy didar O Lord !

43. Thereupon the Shah said: "We shall come on Towar (Friday) night; prepare our throne in the Jamt-khana ,there shall we give (him) the didar , and hold conversation."

44. The Lord of the three worlds then came on that night .We had the didar of Shah Ali Our heart was elated by the vision.

45. I stood most humbly and obediently in his presence, praying to the Shah : "Have mercy on me, O, True Lord ! I am thy most obedient slave!

46. O, Lord! Having seen thee, as I desired, now that thou hast most graciously granted thy didar to me, my soul's liberation (salvation)" has been attained, I have attained my goal.

4. O, Lord ! Thousands upon thousands of my wishes have been granted by Thee! Now I most humbly crave thy permission to go and visit Paradise ! Grant me this mercifully so that I may visit it."

46. Nur Shah smiled at this request, and uttered: "No living human being can go there. How can the material body of flesh penetrate there? Thy father and grandfathers are there."

49. The Guru, however, insisted on his request, saying: "O, Lord! Thou art the Creator of the Universe I have to claim my share of inheritance, this is why I ask permission to visit Paradise."

50. Thereupon the Lord gave him as a companion Chandan Vir. 10 He was an incarnation of Gabriel. He became my guide, and I followed him. He went into a cave, and I went after him.

51. To my great surprise I saw some people who were naked. They were weeping bitterly, while others were burning in fire.

52. Some wept standing outside the fire, some were inside it. Some were starving to death, others sat eating.

53. The Guru smiled and asked them: "What (sinful)acts have you committed? Give us a reply, why are you in such a condition to-day?"

54. To this the people courteously replied: "Those who are sitting there are those who never gave anything in charity.

55. Those who did not give clothes (to the poor) are now naked and without food. This is their punishment.

56. Those who did not attend Jamt-khna and offer prayers, did not meet their Gurus are now repenting for their having neglected the right path.

57. Those who did not perform ceremonies of sutak and patak 11 who did not offer prayers, attending the Jamt-khnas , now repent, loudly deploring what they had done. They shall remain there till the Mahaden, the day of Resurrection.

58.Those who did not join the religion of the Satpanth and never gave tithes (dasondh) of their earnings, how can they now have anything to eat? They must surely be starving.

59. The Mahaden Day of Judgment, is to come, they still have long to wait. They will have to undergo these tortures till it comes. The Shah 12 will preside over the judgment, what will they be able to say then?

60. Those who are sensible must take this as warning. The path is full of obstacles and difficulties. I tell you what I have seen. This is true, you must believe this, because it is revealed by us.

61. The Guru-ji continues, narrating how he proceeded further, and came to another cave. Some people there slept on comfortable beds (dholiya) . There were many people, all looking happy and satisfied.

(i2. The Guru - ji asked them: "You have really achieved eternal happiness. What have you done to deserve this?

63. What meritorious actions have you committed to earn this eternal happiness, and are there so many of you in this crowd?"

64. Those souls then replied: Guru -ji listen to the reason of this : We were the devotees of Pir Hasan Kabir ud din, thy father.

65. We have attained all this glory and happiness through that true Guru. What then will happen to those who have not offered thee any food or water?"

66. You will all receive reward for your actions. The Mahaden (Judgment day) commences from to-day, and shall continue till the day of Resurrection.

67. "At that time (continued the souls) the Gurus were Pir Sadru'd-dn and Pir Hasan Kabir ud din, thy father. Those who do not obey you, gurus, will certainly be punished."

68. The Guru then said: "O, faithful !listen to me! Follow the commandments of your Guru's gnans . Those who do not obey these gnans will suffer, being brought into such a state as this."

69. Says the Guru: "Then we walked further, and came to the gate behind which there were Hindu souls.

70. Those of them who righteously acted in this world were sitting, and had as much to eat as they wished. But those who forgot the Sat Panth had their faces blackened.

71. Those who followed the commandments of religion and act righteously without the guidance of the true Guru will reach the sixth heaven. They will later on fall down, however, and their good actions will not avail (to prevent this).

72. Sat Panth is the only true religion, all others are false. Only those who believe in al-i Imam 13 will be able to ascend to the seventh heaven."

73. The Guru then went to another place (or gate), behind which there were Muslims staying.

74. One of them was awake, one was asleep, and the third was busy reciting his prayers. Those who believed in the Prophet sincerely, have attained the Heaven.

75. The religion which was preached by the Rasl (Apostle of God) is true. It teaches that Ali is an incarnation of God. Those who do not recognize him as such have no sense, and will never attain the distinction of the didar .

76. Those souls who are known as the Jinn, ghosts, devils and witches (bhut, dena, dakkan), or any other evil souls, will pass through the Solan (wheel of re-birth) in this material world because they disobeyed and disregarded the commandments of their Gurus.

77. Those who recognized Pir Sat Gur Nur and Saddin( Salahu'd-din) , and those whose Gurus were Pir Shamsu'd-dn.

78. Pir Sahebdin (Shihbu'd-dn?) and Hasan Kabir ud din, are now with Pir Imam shah (who is descended from the preceding).

79. The religion of the Rasl and that of Bhirma (Brahma) ,was not accepted at the time of Ali by the people who did not believe in him. How can such fools accept this religion now?

80. From that day they have been separated, since those three yars . Their faith and behaviour are not good. Do not mix with them.

81. Both Pir Shamsh Bhirma (Shamsu'd-dn the Pir ) and Pir Shamash Saheb (Shamsu'd-dn the Imam?) were descendants (or incarnations?) of Shah-i-Najaf (Ali). Pir Shamash removed the skin from his body, but even this miracle could not convince the people.

82. The city at which this miracle took place was Multan. He made clear (by it) to all that he (really), was the Guru , and yet even then the people did not believe.

83. Therefore he worked (preached) secretly. Then there came Bhirma (Pir ) Nasiru'd-dn. After him there came Pir Sahebdin (Shihbu'd-din).They all worked secretly.

84. Then came Pir Sadrud'-din who spread the religion. He began to guide the people openly on the right Path and openly built a Jamat -Khna at Kotla (Kotala). 14

85. He converted many Hindus to Islam. He converted the Lohanas, and made them known as Khojas, because they firmly believed in him, trusting him, and had full confidence in their Guru.

86. Thus the Khojas have became the worshippers and followers of Ali and of his descendants .The religion then spread, and Jamat khanas were built according to the advice of the Pir .

87. The first Jamt-khna belonged to the queen Surja. It was, of course, secret.

88. The true Guru recited gnans at Kotada which was situated near Lahore. At this place there lived a certain Trikam Mukhi . He openly professed the religion, and openly called himself a Khoja.

89. Thus the religion of the Guru spread rapidly. This was in the reign of Shri Islam Shh.15 The place where we were staying was called Onch.

90. After him came Pir Hasan Kabir ud din, who became the Guru. He openly preached the religion from the province of Onch, and communicated with the Lord of the Time.

91. It was he who converted the Hindus to Islam in great numbers. Having converted them, the Guru guided them, reporting to the Lord of the Age.

92. It was the time of Shri Islam Shah Bhirma's incarnation was Guru Hasan Kabir ud din. He had eighteen children and seven wives.

93. He had one daughter whose name was Bai Budhai. Her religion was Ja'farri of Ja'far as-Sadiq, the Imam. 16

94. Shah Ali was our grandfather, and Ftima was our grand-mother. Hasan and Husayn were their sons. From him the Imams descend.

95. The Prophet was our maternal grand-father. He was the son of Abdu'l-lh. His mother was Bb Amna Abdu'l-lh's wife.

96. Bb Khadj al-Kubra was our maternal grand-mother. You will find all this if you look up your religious books. Those who are wise will understand all this, only fools and ignorant, will miss the point.

97. The Guru (=Imam shah) belongs to their family, his father was Hasan Kabru'd-dn. It was in Nr-Shh's time. So said Pir Imam shah.

98. Then the Guru left that place, and went to the Seventh Heaven, where the deities of the ancient times, called Kalap (Kalpa) resided.

99. There he saw, amongst others, his own father and grandfather. He also saw Pelaj, Harishchandra and Yudhisthira. Pir Sadru'd-dn was with them. Pir Hasan Kabir ud din sat praying with his rosary in his hand.

100. He, Imam shah, went towards him, and stood by, imploring his father: "I have come here with great expectations of seeing the heaven."

101. He said: "Thou art my father, Hasan Kabir ud din."(The latter replied): "No one here has a material body. Why hast thou come here?"

102. The Guru (Imam shah) requested his father, saying: "I am sent here by Nr-Shh with the command that thou shouldst show me the Heaven."

103. Pir Hasan Kabir ud din then brought the keys with which to show him Paradise, and said: "Take these keys, and look round the Heaven and its realm (raj)."

104. "We went with the keys, and arrived at the gate of Paradise 17 where spiritual beings, angels, who guarded it, asked us:

105. "What is thy name and caste? If thou handest thy keys to us, we shall show (Paradise) to thee."

106. (The Gur replied): My name is Pir Imam shah, and my father's name is Pir Hasan Kabir ud din, I have come here by order of Nr-Shah, and I shall hold the keys."

107. Then all the angels rose and greeted him, saying: "Welcome, Guru-ji, thou mayest see the Kingdom of Heaven."

108. Taking the keys, they opened the locks of the four gates. The locks ,were made of gold, and also the gates. Such was the entrance to Heaven.

109. The chains were of gold, and the hinges were of gold. The place was ornamented with shining pearls and jewels, sparkling as the sun. Pir Imam shah collected many of these.

110.The gates were of gold. The fruit (on trees) were of silver and emeralds. The walls were inlaid with pearls shining as the sun.

111. The sun (itself) shines on all sides of the Heaven, and so also the moon.

112. There was an immense diamond which spread light in all directions. Pir Imam shah entered the Palace (mole ) All in it was made of golden bricks. The earth (floor ?) was covered with the plaster of musk.

113. None can attain all this without paying the tithes. Everywhere innumerable pearls and diamonds were, inlaid. Rooms were built of golden bricks.

114. The girders of the roof were of gold, and the roof was of silver, studded with diamonds. All this looked glorious indeed.

115. Golden tiles shone brilliantly. There were terraces and verandahs in the house, everything glittering dazzlingly.

116. From the terrace I entered the temple (or palace) in which every hall was beautiful beyond words.

117. In every hall there stood shining beds of silver, and near them stood the hurries, numbering altogether about fifty.

118. There I entered and sat on a bed, because I was from the family of Ali and the Prophet. The hurries trembled and began to ask what should happen to them ( their ahwal )

119. They held betel leaves in their hands, offering these as a present to their lord. They asked when will he come (to enjoy their company) so that they could offer him these leaves.

120. Pir Imam shah smilingly said to the fifty gorgeous maidens that their lord (husband) was coming to satisfy their desires.

121. "Those who act righteously in this world will be your husbands." He added: "For them you should make your best show. Therefore go and adorn yourselves superbly."

121. Pir Imam shah says to the faithful that the legs of the beds were golden, and the beds themselves were made of silver.

123. They were covered with silver and silk brocade of un-surpassable beauty. The bedding was of Divine Light Each bed had four bed sheets.

124. In every leg of the bed were inlaid four diamonds spreading their brilliance in all directions. A special angel, whose duty it was to keep it clean, was in charge of every bed.

125. Lamps with burning musk, flickering under the gentle, breeze, were burning there all night. There will be many who will enjoy all this!

126. There were four cross-roads, with sixteen gates on each, all of equal size, and there were many palaces like this one, each perfect by itself.

127. There were seventeen hurries like the sun and seventeen like the moon. There were four times four daughters of goddesses amongst these. One of them was their leader.

128.Then Pir Imam shah saw five hundred Divine luminous (nrn) princes who resided there. Those who will get fifty hurries, will have Divine princes bore by them (the maidens).

129. From thence the Guru-ji walked forth and came to twelve compounds where he saw a tree (standing)with four more trees growing around it.

130. The Guru continues, saying that he went still further and saw four tanks (hawd) . One was filled with honey, another with milk.

131.The third with Divine water, and the fourth sirabh tahura (Cor. "shirban tahran "). These four tanks, filled up, would be given to the slave of God who could drink from them to his satisfaction.

132. Then the Guru-ji went, arriving near the tree in which many birds of various colours were nesting.

133. Its name was the Tree of Good Fruits. It grew near those tanks. Close by there stood five luminous (nrn) thrones which would be given to every faithful.

134. "Thence the Guru-ji continues, I went and came to a garden. Listen to the praise of the garden ,0 Mu'mins ! The beauty of the garden was beyond description.

135. There is nothing like it anywhere. There grew 525 trees, all of them the Trees of the Good Fruit. The fruits were of different varieties, and were innumerable."

136. And from the Guru-ji went, arriving at the Castle. (kot) . It consisted of eight towers, each under a special guard.

137. Each tower had 64 turrets. Every faithful will reign over these. Each tower occupies 500 gaw. 18 Every devotee will get one like this.

138. Those who are faithful, seventy one generations of his father's and his mother's sides, and seven generations on his father-in-law's side will receive this happiness.

39. The total number of the towers is 70,700. Every faithful will get one under his rule. All this will be given to every pious male.

140. Having inspected all these towers, Guru -ji became very happy. All honour be due to the faithful who follows the advice of his Guru. 19

141. "Having seen the Seventh Heaven," Pir Imam shah continues, "I descended to the sixth Heaven. My father and grandfather were glad at my having received the distinction of being permitted to visit the Heaven.

142. Then I descended to the fifth Heaven, ruled over by king Indar Raja, who there exercises his authority.

143. From there I came down to the fourth Heaven where Dhruva happily rules.

144. Thence I descended to the third Heaven where 900,000 kinners are ruling, forming the star brotherhood.

145. Thence I came down to the second Heaven which is ruled by the moons which form the lunar phases.

146. Thence I came down to the first Heaven which is ruled by the Sun. Know that this is Suraj-mandal.

147. Thence I proceeded to the Meru Mountain where I saw many wonders which I cannot describe.

148. Thence I returned to my own town (ap nagar), and took a seat near my mother, Bibi Sati Nora.

149. There I stayed for five days, afterwards proceeding on a journey, accompanied by Hazar Beg who was then sixty years old.

150. Thus Pir Imam shah narrates the story of his visit to Paradise. Those who live righteously will be able to remain there.

151. Whoever is well versed in the knowledge of religion, gnans ; and faithfully observes the injunctions of the True Path (Sat Panth), obeying the commandments of the gnans , he will certainly reach Paradise.

152. Therefore follow the guidance of the gnans , understand them thoroughly. Those who do this properly will never be reborn in Sansar. 20

153. Attend the ghat, O, faithful! Meditate over the Pir and Shah , and follow the guidance of the Veds.

154. So says Pir Imam shah. Listen to this, O, mu'min! O! brother, the righteous souls will attain salvation and the didar!