(c) Preaching in Bengal

(5) 1. Then the Guru came to Bengal. Atits,5 Veragis and Bhandaris came around him, asking him to perform the ceremony of ghat-pāt.

2. Pir Shams arrived in the village called Bhandara. Vimras and Surbhan accompanied him. All three sat down at a place there.

3. The place was then sprinkled with coloured sand. The Guru then entered a house where he performed the ceremony of ghat-pāt, distributing the āb-i safā, consecrated water, to everyone present.

4. He preached the True Path to all, and everyone praised the name of Keshavpuri Multani.6 5. The Guru appointed a district centre (thānak) there, and a certain Vasta was appointed as head of the district. Everything that was connected with (the preaching in)Bengal was entrusted to him.

6. A man called Musafer was appointed the mukhi 7 serving the ghat pat . When Vasta was present, the sacred ceremony of ghat-pāt was performed.

7. To the last copper all the money donated to the Pir in Bhandara, was to be sent to him. Trusted men had to report at that lonely spot.

8. Surbhan and Vimras preached there, the faithful used to come there.

9. In this way the preaching of the True Religion spread in Bengal, Jogis, Sanyasis, Atits and Veragis embraced the Religion, following it in secret.

10. The True Guru Shams said : "All of you, brothers of the mandhi (temple), listen to me : you should all give alms to Vasta who is my trusted agent."