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1) The Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Fondation Aga Khan pour la culture / Fundacio [0.8212, 2 of 2 terms, adj 1.0]

Abstract: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture Fondation Aga Khan pour la culture Fundacion Aga Khan para la Cultura Texte explicatif à venir (2k)

Ismailis and Aga Khan from "Almanach de Bruxelles"

3) The Aga Khan Collection [0.7764, 2 of 2 terms, adj 1.0]

Outline: The Aga Khan Collection

Abstract: Materials on architectural design and urban history and in Islamic cultures are collected extensively. The Aga Khan (1k)

Aga Khan Visual Archive (M.I.T.)

Over 30,000 images of Islamic architecture can be searched and retrieved in this videodisc and database project.

4) WIC Biography - Princess Yasmin Aga Khan [0.7760, 2 of 2 terms, adj 1.0]

Outline: Princess Yasmin Aga Khan

Abstract: Bringing the World Intelligent Awareness When her mother, Rita Hayworth, died as a result of Alzheimer's Disease, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan could have chosen to lead her life out of the public eye. She chose, instead, to use her name and posi... Yasmin Aga Khan is a moving, viable force in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders. Her yearly celebrity gala is the most successful fund raising event for the disease research. ... The Princess has (2k)

5) Aga Khan Commencment Speech [0.7593, 2 of 2 terms, adj 1.0]

Outline: The Aga Khan Speaks at Commencement Graduates Urged to Find Values in Encounters

Abstract: (Following is the text of the Commencement Address presented by His Highness the Aga Khan at MIT's graduation exercises on Friday, May 27.) President Vest, Members of the Corporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, distinguished members of the faculty, Mayor Reeves, happy graduates, even happier parents and others gathered here today: I am pleased and honored to be with you this morning. MIT has shown a standard of excellence in education and research that sets a benchmark for universities everywhere. You who have been at the Institute for years may be excused if you take this in stride, but for me, coming here for the first time in several years, the energy of the place is palpable (15k)

8) The Aga Khan Mausoleum [0.7537, 2 of 2 terms, adj 1.0]

Abstract: Take a felucca to the Mausoleum, atop a hill at the southern end of the west bank. The Aga Khan spent every winter in Aswan and was buried here in this magnificent mausoleum, modeled on the Fatimid t... Previous | Aswan Home Page | Next (1k)

9) Learning by Doing [0.7512, 2 of 2 terms, adj 1.0]

Outline: Learning by Doing: The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme

Abstract: The material that follows has been provided by The Commonwealth Foundation Not only did this world renowned programme feature as one of the case studies at the Second Commonwealth NGO Forum, but it served as the first site for a Foundation- sponsored NGO study visit. The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) is a prime example of human resource development and capacity building, one of the strategies for eradicating poverty as outlined at the Forum. The Foundation supported several leaders of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) from around the Commonwealth to visit the AKRSP in Northern Pakistan earlier this year. The visitors,who came from Africa and the Caribbean (3k)

10) November1993 Issue - A. C. Lynn Zelmer [0.7476, 2 of 2 terms, adj 1.0]

Outline: SIG-MALARIA Costing of Library Operations and Services: An Automated Modelling System Aga Khan University Information System Ethical Issues in Software Demonstrations and Research Educational Software

Abstract: * SIG-MALARIA * Costing of Library Operations and Services: An Automated Modelling System * Aga Khan University Information System * Ethical Issues in Software Demonstrations and Research * Educational Software Database * About the Author Malaria control in Brazil has been improved by the development of a micro-computer-based image inform-ation system according to an article in IDRC Reports , April 1993, 17-19. SIG-MALARIA, the software developed by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's bio-medical engineering depart-ment with extra funding from the International Development Research Centre, uses information provided by SUCAM, the division (11k)

15) Organizations: Participation [0.3657, 2 of 2 terms]

Outline: Organizations publishing on participation

Abstract: A.I.D. Document and Information Handling Facility, 7222 47th. St., Suite 100, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, USA. ActionAid India, 3 Resthouse Road, Bangalore 560 001, India. ActionAid UK, Hamlyn House, Archway, London, N19 5PG. AKRSP (Aga Khan Rural Support Programme), Choice Premises, Swastik Cross Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009, India. Aga Khan Foundation (Canada), 10 Bay Street, Suite 610, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2R8, Canada. ASA (Alternatives for Social Action), 19B Mallisahib Street, Tiruchirappalli 620 008, India. Bay of Bengal Programme, 91 St. Mary's Road, Abhiramapuram, Madras 600 018, India. BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), 66 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. Care Ethiopia (7k)

16) Aswan [0.3656, 2 of 2 terms]

Abstract: Aswan Map | Elephantine Island | Aga Khan Mausoleum | Unfinished Obelisk | High Dam Abou Simbel | Kalabsha Temple | Aswan Cultural Center | Kitchener's Island | Monastery of St. Simon Tombs of Nobles ... (4k)

24) Mail&Guardian: Zanzibar [0.3582, 2 of 2 terms]

Abstract: World of wonders on borrowed time CHRIS McGREAL on the crumbling treasures of Zanzibar NLY one of the Sultan of Zanzibar's three palaces survived the British bombardment of the "shortest war in history" 99 years ago. The grandest of them, known as the House of Wonders, took a few hits b... But decades of indifference and neglect have almost done what imperialism could not -- wrecked the House of Wonders, and with it the labyrinth of surrounding homes making up Zanzibar's historic Stone ... Some islanders accuse their government of carving up landmark buildings for offices or stuffing them with migrants as a deliberate strategy to denigrate monuments after the bloody (6k)

26) WIC - Living Legacy Awards [0.3574, 2 of 2 terms]


Abstract: Sponsored by WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL CENTER The Living Legacy Awards are given each year by the Women's International Center. The Center was founded in 1982 by Gloria Lane as a non-profit organization dedicated to women and their great contribu... The Living Legacy Award recipients are united by their stunning contributions to humanity and the enduring legacies they have given to humankind. LIVING LEGACY AWARD RECIPIENTS 1984-1995 Yasmin Aga Khan Jane Alexander Steve Allen Judith Anderson * Maya Angelou Corazon Aquino Pearl Bailey * Dora Bakoyiannis Lucille Ball * Elizabeth Barrett-Connor Anne Bashkiroff Lillian Kennedy Beam Benazir Bhutto Bente Borsum Antonia Brenner Gro Harlem Brundtland Mary (5k)

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture Alewife (30k)

Yacov Lev. State and Society in Fatimid Egypt

Ethnologue: India

Saunders. History of Medieval Islam

Egypt Travel - Answan: Mausoleum of the Aga Khan Mausoleum


The Assassins

Egypt: Cairo: Mosques - The Al-Azhar Mosque

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada - Chairperson's Bio-Notes

Crumbling Treasures of Zanzibar

Aswan - Sightseeing

MIAR Fall 1995 Newsletter

Sector Study: Pakistan: The Aga Khan Rural Support Program

Web Bellerive

MIT Reports to the President 1994-95


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