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Alzhemeir's Disease - "would not want to be a burden"


Credit: From Wire Reports

Column: PEOPLE

Notes: In the art field, photos 3-6 ran on page 2a of the State edition.

DD 03/27/89

SO The Dallas Morning News (DAL)


Section: NEWS

Page: 2a

LP * CARETAKING CONCERNS: Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, who nursed her mother, actress Rita Hayworth, until her death from Alzheimer's disease in 1987, said she worries she will get the illness and, if she does, wants to have the choice of ending her life. She credits her harmonious relationship with her mother with her ability to support her throughout her illness, the Boston Sunday Globe reported. "Before she was sick, it was always possible to talk to my mother,' Ms. Khan told the newspaper. "What bonded us is that we could always talk openly about our feelings for one another.' Ms. Khan said that if she got the disease, "I'd want to be able to pull the plug. I know how hard it is for the victim and the caretaker. I don't want to be a burden to anyone.'

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