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Alzheimer's benefit- to raise $1.2 million

HL Applause, applause for glamorous garb

Byline: Genevieve Buck.

Column: ChicagoStyle.

Notes: Edited by Janet Franz.

DD 10/11/89



Section: STYLE

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LP An audience watching a fashion show did a remarkable thing the other night: It applauded. Often. From the first appearance of some black wool coats (that reversed to vivid purple, turquoise, pink and chartreuse satin color blocks) on to the finale wedding gown with its skirt of fluttering ostrich feathers, the audience repeatedly interrupted the showing of Scaasi's evening clothes with bursts of clapping. "It's the men," explained Carol Stone. "They just love to see glamorous clothes." TX As a major force on the local fundraising scene-Goodman Theatre and Alzheimer's are among favorite benefits-Stone is well aware of Chicagoans' reputation for infrequent applause at fashion shows and was delighted that the many husbands and male friends present showed the women just how it's done. Stone and her husband, Jim, along with Sugar Rautbord (spearheading Alzheimer's Nov. 10 gala here) were among the well-turned-out crowd that attended the Scaasi show, sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue at the Woman's Athletic Club for supporters of the Alzheimer's Association. The trio will be in New York tonight when * Princess Yasmin Aga Khan hopes to raise $1.2 million for Alzheimer's at the Rita Hayworth Gala. In addition to champagne and the show, guests at last week's party here were treated to some extra perks: They got a chance, for example, to sniff Scaasi's brand new fragrance, which won't be launched until Nov. 1 in New York. The princess pronounced Scaasi, the perfume, "sweet" and "charming." And "penetrating, too." CAPTION: PHOTO: Photo by Robert F. Carl. Arnold Scaasi and Princess Yasmin * Aga Khan at the Saks show. @Art:PHOTO

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